Peerbits is happy to present the most recent example of a real-time tracking application being developed successfully. By providing their current position, this app enables you to track your possessions, animals, car, and people in real-time. Simply attach a tiny tracker device to the item or pet you wish to track and use Bluetooth or an IMEI to link it to the app.

Once linked, the program will display the tracker’s activity and location history. Additionally, the program will notify the user if any of the assets enter or exit the geofence they have set up.

The Challenge

This tracking app’s development process was a roller coaster because of the difficulties we encountered. Establishing a link between a mobile and external equipment was the first difficulty. Here, we also had to make sure that the device’s operations were properly carried out in addition to establishing the connection.

Due to the fact that geofences are often circular in design, the second task was to establish a polygon-shaped geofence on the map. The final task was to develop functionality that would allow users to switch and alter the tracking device of the assets with a straightforward drag-and-drop motion.

The Solution

We utilized a third-party Bluetooth library called Bluetooth GATT to solve the initial problem of pairing the mobile device with the external device. This enabled a smooth connection and appropriate functionality execution across the external devices.

We had to add a new layer to the map and use the ability to draw lines to construct a five-point polygon geofence in order to establish a polygon geofence. Using a third-party module called drag list view, we developed a drag and drop capability for switching between assets and trackers to tackle the third problem.


Key features

Live to monitor

Real-time asset, car, pet, and person tracking is made possible for users thanks to this functionality. Simply attaching the tracker to the item that needs to be tracked and linking it to the app is all that is required.

installing a geofence

Users may create their own personalized geofences for any location, including their home and place of employment. Users may easily design a complicated and personalized geofence using the 5-point polygon geofence.

locating my gadget

By turning on the device’s light, asking their mobile device’s Bluetooth to make a beep sound, or via a web application, users may locate their lost gadget.

Alert alerts for geofences

The user will receive alert messages via this feature anytime his assets enter or exit the designated geofence.

Device Utilization
This function displays the device’s activities, such as how far it traveled or how long it remained idle. The graphical version of this data displays it in a date- and time-based way.

automatic alert for distress
With this function, if an asset moves in a risky or abnormal way, the user will receive automatic warnings or messages of distress.

Tools & technologies
that we used in this project

To finish this project, we made use of a variety of cutting-edge and modern techniques and technology. Here are a few of these technologies:

  • Language: Swift, Java
  • Database: Firebase
  • Network Request: REST APIs
  • Crash Reports: CrashLytics
  • Image caching: KingFisher, SDWebImages
  • Server: Azure
  • Design architecture: Auto layout
  • Chat: Firebase
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