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Digital Banking Solution is an iOS and Android software that provides the best mobile banking experience. It is the only mobile payment solution app that is both entertaining and sociable. This program allows you to send money to your pals (individually or in a group) in real-time and without incurring any fees. As a result, it’s the finest way to compensate your pals all around Argentina. To do so, just use your credit or debit card to deposit funds into your Digital wallet. You may send money to any bank in Argentina via your digital wallet. This app has the potential to assist the globe in becoming cashless.

Client Requirements

Our customer contacted WebservX in Argentina to propose an app concept that would assist consumers with cash payment issues. He desired a mobile-only digital payment system that allows consumers to perform cashless transactions, with digital wallets playing a key role. This group’s major goal is to eliminate cash payment issues. He desired an iOS and Android app that would provide the greatest digital banking solution as well as the ability to pay with just one tap. Users may load money into their wallets using any bank credit/debit card and transmit it to friends and groups of any social trust level. In a nutshell, he desired simple, quick, and secure software that maximized income and potential.


To support the digital payment option, an app was created. As a result, it had to be exceedingly user-friendly, and the user interface was designed in such a way that minimum precision was necessary during the interaction. Because of its simplicity, the app’s layout is simply understood by the user. The interactive parts were of exceptional size, large enough to prevent unwanted blunders. We used colors, icons, and fonts that had a lot of impact on the user experience from a professional standpoint, in addition to oversized interactive portions. In other words, the app helps users to quickly grasp all of the app’s features. As a result, individuals can effortlessly use the app and collaborate with other users in the most efficient manner possible.

Interesting Features Implemented By Us

As per our client’s needs, we developed an app with the following features.


  • Through Facebook, any person may register or log in.
  • We built a Sign-Up form that included all essential information such as name, last name, phone number, email address, login, and password.
  • Insert a country code.

Secure Feature

  • At the time of registration, users can create a four-digit PIN. Users must also input this number to complete each payment transaction.

View Transaction Details

  • Each transaction that the user has completed is shown on the home page, along with the user’s likes and comments.


Types of Transaction

  • There are five types of transactions available in-app, as listed below:

1) Transaction as a group

2) Payment has been received.

3) Payment has been received

4) Request for Payment has been sent

5) Request for Payment has been received.

Every transaction has a separate color format.

  • The transaction amount appears in red when you issue a payment request.
  • The amount appears in green when the buddy receives and approves the payment request.
  • When someone submits a money request or any other type of transaction, it appears in grey.

Comment & Like:

  • Any payment transaction that appears in a user’s feed can be liked or commented on.

Add Contacts:

  • Users can add friends who are also using the digital banking app.

Invite Friends on social platforms:

  • Users may also ask others to join a digital wallet for payment with this app.

Group Creation:

  • As a group admin, you may invite your friends to participate in group transactions and add the total amount. Once any user has paid for the group, the computation of the amount will be changed. Once you’ve redeemed a group’s value, the group will be closed automatically.

Add Money:

  • Users may fund their digital wallets with a credit or debit card.
  • For money transactions, the Mercado Pago payment gateway is utilized.

Extract Money:

  • Users can transfer all of their money from their digital wallet to their bank account or credit card using this option. You just need to add a bank account name, CBU, and CUIL to use this service.


  • In settings, users may change their profile information, password, and four-digit pin for wallet transactions. In this area, users may also discover FAQs.

Challenges And Our Solution

1. Payment Gateway:

  • We needed to incorporate the Mercado Pago payment gateway because the customer intended to develop an app for Argentina province. The Mercado Pago payment gateway is currently in beta. As a result, our developers had a difficult time with this.


  • To overcome this problem, our engineers constructed a prototype application and integrated a payment gateway, as well as did an extensive study into the entire SDK capability. After conducting all of this research, they were able to effectively integrate the Mercado Pago payment gateway according to the client’s specifications.

2. Scan Card:

  • One excellent feature of the app is that you may pay by scanning your credit card. Your card data will be scanned automatically when you scan your credit card. As a result, you won’t have to manually fill it out. This is a completely new library, and it was difficult to complete in such a short period of time.


  • Due to the fact that the Scan Card SDK library is completely different. Our developers have put in a lot of effort and conducted extensive research. After doing extensive research and development, they were able to establish Scan Card capability in a short period of time by combining the Scan Card SDK with the Direct Payment SDK.

3. Group Transaction Details:

  • The management of group transactions was one of our developers’ most difficult tasks. The most difficult component was managing group members’ data for paid and remaining amounts and then displaying dynamic amounts.


  • To address this problem, our engineers implemented some logic in which the objective amount is set upon group setup. When a group is formed, the total sum is divided by the number of members in the group. Any money received from a user is first counted by the user, and then the total amount received is shown. They used the same reasoning for the pending amount and were able to enable group transactions.

4. Slider Menu:

  • The client wanted to include a sliding menu in the program so that users could navigate more easily. If you swipe right on a money transaction, it will be destroyed; if you swipe left, it will be shared. Because the page slider is already accessible on iOS, managing the same type of scrolling on a single page is a little more complex for our engineers.


  • Our developer wanted to install gesture controls for listing and menu on the same page to manage two swipes for menu and share and delete. Finally, our developers’ excellent development talents enabled us to get the greatest result.
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