For our customer Sabah Al Ahmad Center for Creativity and Giftedness, Peerbits created an educational software (SACGC). This smartphone app serves as a platform for users to sign up for classes at Kuwait-based training facility SACGC for both themselves and friends. In Kuwait, SACGC has a total of six branches that offer its students a range of programs and training.

Both English and Arabic are available in the multilingual application. The users of this programme can choose from a variety of features. It provides detailed information on all courses, whether they are currently taking place or will be in the near future. By paying through the app itself, any user can access these classes.


A reputable training facility is our customer Sabah Al Ahmad Center for Creativity and Giftedness (SACGC). It is renowned for the breadth of courses offered and the caliber of instruction. However, it was difficult for them to connect with more kids. They intended to create a mobile application that would serve as a platform for students to enroll in their institute and receive guidance.


We developed an app that met all of our client’s needs in order to address their difficulties. The number of various courses, their eligibility, timings, instructors, and many other details is all visible to all users through this program. Additionally, the app gives pupils all institute-related assistance.

Examine courses with different filters

The school offers a wide variety of courses, therefore this function is helpful since it enables users to look for a course using several criteria, including category, age, location, gender, start date, and many more.


The reputable institute of our client in Kuwait sought to draw students from all racial and socioeconomic groups. We create an app in both English and Arabic for this reason.

Online enrollment & payment

The user is able to sign up for a variety of courses using this function. Additionally, customers may use the smartphone app to make payments online.


Users may always see the collection, which includes images from each of Sabah Al Ahmad Center for Creativity and Giftedness’ six locations (SACGC).

Notify me

This function is very important since it allows the user to set a reminder for any forthcoming course. The software reminds the user to sign up for the course as the start date gets close.


This feature displays every piece of academic news. It also displays information about the tests that were done to fill specific positions.

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