The customer was getting ready for the start of the new Premier League season at the time the site’s third year of operation came to an end. They lost their primary developer while making preparations, and with the start of the season quickly approaching, they were concerned that they would not be prepared for the opening weekend, which would be a serious setback for the company.

Being unprepared for launch would be disastrous for the company because their primary rival had recently gone out of business and the majority of their users were searching for a substitute platform. They required a tech team that would be willing to take on a major project, understanding the subtleties of the games and (90K+ lines of code!) to be ready for the big day because there were just a few days left before the start of the season and a lot of the project was still in limbo.


The RPL team contacted WebservX after looking at a number of development companies and quickly determined they would make an excellent partner. WebservX had enough information from the first chats to get going, and the team worked fast to iron out the finer points while on the job.

In order to keep the consumers satisfied, priorities were created along with the essential elements. The project’s support plan, developed by WebservX, allowed for some extra development on a limited budget. The plan’s main components are as follows:


  • Review the system to ensure that all moving pieces are functioning and will resume on their own if server goes down.
  • Monitoring server performance sporadically and setting up alerts to prevent failures during busy times like gaming nights
  • By assembling team of qualified engineers who can cover each other’s absences, there will never be day when someone cannot respond to problems.
  • helping and advising the ROTO team on the upgrades and potential improvements.

Values We Made It!

By enlisting WebservX’s cooperation, ROTO was able to debut the new season on the schedule and with the assurance that someone would be on hand to address any problems that could arise on game day. The staff swiftly joined the project and was able to provide help throughout the year’s most crucial period.



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