Our skilled team can do security and penetration testing services to guarantee that your web apps secure data and continue to work as intended.

  • searches for a webserver’s most susceptible files
  • To give our consumers excellent outcomes, we adhere to a set procedure.
  • To quickly identify most security issues, we employ a variety of methods.
  • Conduct a thorough analysis to find any security weaknesses that may exist.




FMCG retailer requested us to evaluate their newly constructed online application for any technical problems, vulnerabilities, or weaknesses as they work to create a more effective supply chain using SaaS model supply chain management software.



The SaaS-based online application with several functionalities, such as search and dashboard, was to be scanned per the client’s request. In particular, they requested that our testing team do product maintenance, find security flaws, and attack such vulnerabilities at every level.


What We Did

We sent them a team of testers to do a VAPT security scan and helped them fix security issues that malicious software and hackers may exploit. To eliminate data breaches and support the security of user login, product information, and buyer-vendor transaction information, we tightened the application’s security as desired. Burp suite was used for the initial security testing procedure with the first mapping and analysis of an application’s attack surface. Burp suite aids in testing by utilizing the most recent hacking techniques as well as the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities. In order to find and exploit security weaknesses, we also carried out product maintenance utilizing a range of technologies and several instruments, such as the ones we employed to test the vulnerabilities.

  • Use Wireshark to track traffic while the program is running and check the encryption of any data delivered over the network.
  • Multiple things are thoroughly tested against web servers using the NIKITO web server scanning program.
  • Another terminal-based Web vulnerability scanner is WAPTI, which performs GET and POST queries to target websites in an effort to find the following flaws.
  • To find out which ciphers are supported, SSL Scan asks for SSL services like HTTPS.
  • By connecting to server, the SSLYZE program may examine its SSL settings.



  • enabled them to protect their infrastructure from hackers by guaranteeing thorough application security testing coverage.
  • solutions for complete web security to reduce the likelihood of an application being attacked.
  • helped them identify security flaws and gave them the ability to protect their data from hackers.
  • The application is checked for the most harmful files and modified to prevent the theft of critical data.

Technologies Used

  • Burp Suite
  • Kali Linux
  • Owasp
  • Meta Sploit
  • Wire Shark


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