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Our custom Desktop Application development success may be broken down into six parts. We’ve completed over 1,000 projects to assist growing businesses like yours in meeting their short and long-term objectives.

  • Organize your workflow.
  • Make a launch strategy.
  • Put your concept into context.
  • Exceed your expectations.
  • Influence your intended audience.
  • Keep your users interested for years to come.
  • Smooth User Experience
  • Secure App Storage
  • Maximized Software Performance
  • System-Level Desktop Apps
  • Native and Cross-Platform Desktop Apps
  • 3D Modeling / CAD Systems
  • Libraries and SDKs
  • Multimedia Apps
  • Plugins
  • C+
  • Java
  • WinForms
  • WPF
  • Technical mastery.
  • Solutions that are safe, dependable, scalable, and efficient.
  • Higher and faster business value realization
  • Cost reduction and improved quality.
  • Transformation of business processes

Methodology Of Our Desktop Application Development Company In India

Our process at WebservX is established by our skilled team of coders and engineers, all of which have at least three years of incident toiling with worldwide clients like you. Our developers are one of the key reasons why we are a major goal for offsite desktop application development Companies in India, from designing full stack apps to cleaning up a current GUI for enhanced user-friendliness.

The following steps are included in our app development process:

process image one
Understand Client Requirement

Understanding Your Requirement

We meet with the client to understand their Desktop application development needs and to assess the project’s feasibility. Based on our understanding of the project, we provide a list of enhancements based on our present capabilities and experience, which then aids us in developing the final project outline with our clients.

process two
Decide The Software Design

Software Design

Once the final project specifications are agreed upon, our senior developers begin building the software architecture based on your feedback. We also complete the process roadmap at this step.

process three
Dedicated Team For The Project

Building the Team

We begin the project by designating an experienced team of developers who meet the project’s specifications. A specialized project manager is also assigned to handle any reoccurring issues. After that, the development team gets to work on the pre-designed architecture.

process four
After All round Time to Testing

QA and Testing

Once done, the project goes through numerous rounds of QA and testing to guarantee that it works properly and can readily perform all necessary functions.

process five

Project Delivery

The application is developed in accordance with the project specifications and given to the client along with all necessary documentation and source code. We also commence with the maintenance and update delivery term, as per our prior agreement.

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What We Do?

Our desktop application development company in India serves as a foundation for creating an application that will delight your clients with its rich functionality, speed of work, and user-friendly interface. We are a team of professionals capable of developing ground-breaking desktop application development from the ground up, modernizing outdated solutions, and developing custom middleware for the connectivity of your enterprise applications, thereby making your business processes agile and effective.

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Desktop application development

In our portfolio, we have experience developing boxed and licensed solutions for a variety of platforms. Your next market-winning product will be in good hands with us because we have all of the necessary in-house competencies, including analysts, architects, UX/UI professionals, engineers, and QA, to ensure project success.

seo services

Research &

Have an innovative concept that requires additional research and development in order to discover a suitable technology solution and implement it? We can assist you. WebservX has already accomplished a number of technical feats with complicated yet effective software and middleware for desktop platforms.


Desktop software modernization

Do you believe that your old application is impeding the company’s productivity or decreasing user retention? Outdated software can cause a variety of problems for your company, including security and stability difficulties. Existed can update existing desktop software or rebuild it from the ground up utilizing cutting-edge technologies.

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UWP applications development

Microsoft Store is an ideal option for anyone who wishes to make their program simply known for purchase by all Windows users. WebservX understands how to create UWP applications from the ground up or alter existing solutions into the UWP standard so that they may function on all Windows-compatible devices.

desktop software integration

Desktop software integration

The appropriate functioning of data transfer and workflow across enterprise IT environments is critical for the efficacy of modern distributed systems. We can create a complicated integration solution and add-ons to ensure that all of your business solutions perform effectively and seamlessly as one system.

api integrations


WebservX offers API development services for existing software solutions in order to improve connections across multiple solutions and services. With all of our previous experience, we have amassed the know-how required to design APIs that will assist your product in becoming a part of any software ecosystem.

Our knowledge and experience

After years of developing Desktop Applications for Enterprise customers in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, energy, education, and many others, we have accumulated the knowledge required to enrich your project with our knowledge and contribute to the success of the product among consumers or within your organization.

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Business intelligence

WebservX is a startup with a various portfolio of desktop programs that operate with the tremendous importance of data. We see our objective as benefiting organizations in conveying real-time analytics regarding their establishment execution to swiftly and effectively alleviate bottlenecks in their everyday processes.

healthcare & life science

Healthcare & life science

We all know that while designing a new software application for such acute and crucial data as healthcare records, the basic goal of every healthcare institution is to achieve the lowest likely failure rate. When you work with WebservX, you can be confident that we will use our healthcare venture to give you a reliable solution.

education & learning

Education & learning

We understand how to use all of the features of desktop platforms to create educational applications. A rich set of accessibility technologies available in desktop operating systems, like speech and handwriting recognition, enables us to design educational programs that are accessible to kids with special needs.


Manufacturing & automation

WebservX combines expertise in developing custom firmware for industrial automation systems with talents in developing advanced desktop software, allowing our customers to gain the next level of control over manufacturing equipment and processes through the use of fail-proof desktop application Development.

employee level

Business process management

We can assist you in the development of explanations for business strategy management that utilize features that are only available in desktop software. Whether you want data distinction on paper documents or record transfer between web-based software and desktop programs, we have you covered.

detailed quality check

ISVs & boxed

Desktop application development services include the whole life cycle of the in-house skills required to assist software companies with the research and development of their packaged software products. WebservX will become your trusted partner as you navigate the difficult path of new product launches and continual improvement.

Advantages of Working with Best Desktop Application Development Company in India

use the experience

Extensive knowledge

Each member of our team is a specialist in their field, and as a group, we are capable of developing projects of practically any complexity while maintaining high-quality standards.


Full-cycle development

We have created a well-coordinated Desktop application development system, that will keep you up to date on job progress and will provide technical aid for the application during its full fact.


Custom solutions

We approach each project individually and offer solutions that will assist our customers in achieving their objectives. You will be able to invest your money in the most efficient way possible.

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Cooperation transparency

Transparency in collaboration and optimum efficiency are the guiding principles of our work in the business application development services sector. We value our clients’ trust and are committed to long-term collaboration.

debriefing of customers

Performance and Scalability

Our consumers’ demands are our top focus. As a result, we try to supply our customers with high-quality code and rapid order execution. As a result, each project is regarded as finished when our customers are satisfied with the final outcomes.


Result-oriented services

The demands of our customers are our first focus. That is why we endeavor to give our clients high-quality code and rapid order execution. As a result, each project is felt as ended when our customers are happy with the final outcome.


Frequently asked questions

The term “desktop development” refers to the development of computer-based software. The most prevalent operating systems for which desktop software is developed are Windows, Linux, and macOS. Apps only work on a specific type of operating system, hence this form of programming is almost always native.

Developing desktop software rather than a mobile app may appear to be a dated concept, but it is the way of the future!
The majority of people nowadays use desktop computers rather than smartphones to access the internet, and the need for desktop software has never been higher.
There are numerous reasons to design a desktop app rather than a mobile app, including:

  • Increased profitability in your market
  • Higher engagement rates
  • Greater visibility in search engines, and 
  • Much lower costs to build

Desktop programming is the process of creating software that runs on a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer. Since the introduction of mobile computers or laptops, the moniker has come from the location where these computers were used, namely on top of the desk.

A desktop application must install the necessary files and drivers to operate a computer, which is usually done by the user. Once all of the essential files are in place, the desktop application will work on the computer using resources such as the hard disc, display, I/O, and RAM.

A desktop application is a computer program that runs locally on a computer device, such as a desktop or laptop computer, whereas a web application requires an internet connection or network access to perform properly.

Yes, providing technical support for the software application or product that we built would be a great honor for us. We can also improve your application or incorporate any third-party tools if that’s what you need.

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