Our App Store Optimization Audit Services In India


Using my unrivaled knowledge (believe me, I know this stuff) The goal is to understand where the ASO opportunities arise, which will allow me to provide recommendations to improve.

  • Targeted Keywords
  • Long-Tail Keywords
  • Keyword Phrases
  • Keyword Trends
  • App Titles
  • Keyword Traffic Research for iTunes
  • Keyword Traffic Research for Google Play
  • Analysis of Keywords and Phrases inside iTunes user reviews
  • Updated Keyword Recommendation List
  • Updated Application Description
  • Updated Application Title
  • Competition Analysis
  • Screenshot Optimization
  • Icon Optimization
  • ASO consulting

The App Store Optimization Audit is a step-by-step procedure in which we assess all of the elements that may be affecting your app across several platforms. (IOS and Android) Because ASO is not a one-time strategy, it is critical to discover the shortcomings of your app that may be influencing your ranking before embarking on a long-term strategy.

  • Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • ASO Localization
  • Icon Optimization
  • Screenshot Optimization
  • Search Ads Audit

Here are three compelling reasons to invest in an ASO audit Services in India:

process image one
We Help You To Optimize The App From App Store

App store searches account for almost 65 percent of all app downloads.

If your app is not yet optimized for the App Store, you may be missing out on a large client base that is searching for your sort of app but not finding it in the first few rankings!

process two
We Provide You better design Logo and Screenshots

Better-designed apps result in higher conversion rates.

Regardless of how the user discovered your app, whether, through Google, social media, or a targeted ad, the app page must persuade them to click through for a download.

process eight
Get Organic Reach

Organic users have a 25% higher retention rate than non-organic users.

Do you want a more devoted customer base? Acquire them naturally rather than through sponsored advertisements. A well-thought-out ASO strategy is crucial for long-term organic install growth.

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Our ASO audit Service Process

keyword tracking


Examine your app’s title, subtitle, and description. Conduct research to determine which keywords will propel you to the top of the search results and which terms your competitors are using.

platform ideation


Look for anything that may be changed or improved in your visual assets, such as an app symbol, screenshots, or promotional banners, in order to attract more people.

on side optimization

conversion rate

Approximate your existing App Store Optimization KPIs, user acquisition channels, and conversion rates to the market and application category averages.

uxui design development


It’s critical to understand how and why your users deleted the app, as well as what measures can be taken in these situations. 

debriefing of customers

Ratings and reviews

Examine your ratings and reviews, featured reviews, and the app reviews of your competitors to learn how to enhance them.



Summarize all that has been done, what KPIs need to be increased after each step of ASO, and where extra traffic may be obtained.

What Can an App Store Optimization Audit Services Do for Your App?

An App Store Optimization Audit is essentially a service that will assist you in determining the existing strengths and weaknesses of your app’s present level of ASO – with the goal of helping you in improving and enhancing it with the appropriate tweaks and changes. Here are some important areas where an ASO audit can reveal significant improvements:

keyword optimization


Do you have the appropriate keywords? Keywords are crucial in assisting users in finding the most suitable app for their needs.

conversion rate


As with any other marketing platform, attractive and persuasive writing is essential for motivating buyers to take action.

the development phase

Creative Assets

The ASO audit can reveal areas that can be addressed to better attract the attention of your mobile audience.

Why Choose WebservX For Your App ASO Audit Services In India?

technical assistance

We look at
the Big Picture

As ASO Agency in India, we admit that the final goal is to increase the bottom line – and this is reflected in the offers we will share with you. We take pride in proving tactics that will help you build a solid basis for your app in the long run.

user trust

We are Customer

Every application is unique. Whether you intend to document on the Apple Store, Google Play Store, or both, our team will create a one-of-a-kind ASO technique to support your software promotion in the ranks.

employee level

We are The Experts –
Save Time & Money

Leave the grunt labor to the professionals. While it is technically possible to conduct an App Store Optimization Audit on your own app, it takes time and a lot of effort to go through all of the different criteria.


Frequently asked questions

When it comes to mobile applications and games, an ASO (App Store Optimization) audit is a fantastic answer. It aids in the analysis of your app indications, your rivals’ applications, what keywords work, who receives the most good reviews, and so on. Conducting an ASO audit might also motivate folks who appear to have exhausted all other options.

ASOTools is a data analytics and app optimization technology that gives realistic download and revenue estimations.

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the practise of increasing organic app downloads by raising an app’s exposure in app marketplaces. Apps that score well on a range of search phrases, keep a high position in the top rankings, or are highlighted on the store are more visible.

App Store Optimization: 7 Pointers Use Keywords That Are Relevant. It’s critical to conduct keyword research for your target audience. Include Compelling Icons & Screenshots Add Video Research Your Competition Build Backlinks Drive Traffic (and Downloads) to Your App Store Page.

SearchMan allows you to examine the visibility and discoverability of your app, follow its ranks, and look at your rivals. If you’re looking for free app market research for both iOS and Android, Search Man is the place to go. There are 4 million applications and 1.5 million keywords covered in this data.

In general, an ASO test result of less than 200 is considered normal. The test value for children under the age of five should be less than 100. The outcomes will differ depending on the laboratory. You may develop a post-streptococcal problem if your findings indicate a high ASO value.

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