Our Email Marketing Company In India


  • Full Email Marketing Campaign Management
  • Email Automation Management
  • Email Campaign Audit
  • Custom Email Design And Coding
  • Data Integration & Migration 
  • Reach your audience
  • Pen down engaging content
  • Automate your marketing
  • Measure & improve the performance
  • Craft Amazing Email Templates
  • A/B Testing
  • Send Time-Oriented Optimization
  • Advanced Reporting and analysis
  • Landing Pages direction

Process of Our Email Marketing Company in India

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Create Email Campaign With Great View in Any Device

Email Creation

Using drag-and-drop technology, we can construct an engaging email marketing campaign – a straightforward and convenient way to obtain a personalized appearance. With a responsive email design, every email sent from your firm will appear great on any device it is viewed on. Once we’ve merged the email’s style and content, your email will be one step closer to being added to your email list.

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On Time Delivery

Delivery Assurance

You never have to worry about losing your emails because everything we create is stored in the cloud and is available at any time from anywhere. Your campaigns are totally under your control because they are sent out using complex scheduling systems. Reports and statistics are gathered in real-time, and maximum delivery rates are ensured through the usage of feedback loops established with major service providers.

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A/B Testing

Comparative Testing

Comparative testing, also known as A/B testing, allows us to analyze and examine your email marketing campaigns in order to better understand your clients and their interactions with the emails. We can compare link clicks, conversion rates, and open rates to help you design more efficient and successful methods while also fine-tuning your email lists. This procedure also enables us to test details such as names.

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Tracking And Campaign Reporting

Campaign Reporting

Keeping track of your email marketing strategy may be simple and efficient when you work with us. We can determine how well your campaign was received by clients by evaluating statistics such as click-through rates, open rates, bounce rates, and unsubscription rates. Based on these figures, we can devise new techniques to aid in the development of your email marketing campaign over time.

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Among Our Email Marketing Company in India

link building

List Building &
Data Management

Our expert team will create unique signup forms and website popups with custom flow optimization built-in. We use Facebook dynamic audiences to provide the greatest match backlists. In addition, we support each client in up to 30 different email campaigns per month.

scalable architecture

& Segmentation

We can accurately target your potential and current customers with appropriate promotional offers by segmenting and personalizing audiences based on geographic area, gender, age, and website and shopping behavior. To maximize email income, we also identify short & Long Audiences.

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Custom Email
Template Designs

Our graphic design team generates stunningly branded email templates that are specifically tailored for high conversion. Our team has decades of experience designing and delivering email template designs that enhance your revenue and brand affinity immediately.

e-commerce email marketing service

Email Flows
on Automation

We tested and refined the most effective automation flows for increasing e-commerce revenue. We deploy welcome emails for new clients, which can also greatly enhance repeat customer conversion. Did you realize that 7 out of 10 shopping carts are abandoned? Imagine if you could just get 2% of those clients.

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Email Workflows

Our team creates email sequences based on the seven stages of the customer journey: awareness, engagement, conversion, ascension (upsell, cross-sell), loyalty (renewal, re-purchase), referrals, and advocacy. In addition, we give a technical assessment throughout the process to assist you in increasing your revenue.

email layout design

Email Optimization
& Reporting

Continuously optimizing your email campaigns and flows gives the best outcomes. We highlight your achievements through simple reporting and clear measurements. Our email marketing company in India dissects the data and examine monthly trends to better determine our future approach.

How an Email Marketing Company in India Can Help

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Email Design

Our email marketing company in India is able to optimize your emails using CSS and HTML code. This ensures that your emails may be accessed on any device, no matter what size its screen is.

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Having convincing, custom-written emails prepared exclusively for you by our industry specialists will enhance your profitability, social awareness, and ROI.

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Campaign Creation
and Management

Our Email marketing company in India team is dedicated to increase audience awareness, retention, and engagement through the use of behavior-based targeted marketing.

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Email Marketing

Our email automation system will consistently engage and maintain your consumers while increasing lead conversion and overall revenues. It is both successful and time-saving.


Customer Relationship

In terms of sales, email marketing will provide your company with the best times to contact clients to increase conversion.


Contact Lists

Address lists brimming with mishandled contacts and defunct links can be properly managed by us. Instead, we’ll collect lists with measurable outcomes.


Frequently asked questions

Some of the top business email service providers are:-

  • G Suite
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Yahoo Small Business
  • Rackspace, Kerio Connect
  • Amazon WorkMail
  • Intermedia
  • IceWarp
  • OX App Suite

Gmail, Google’s email service, has grown to over a billion subscribers since its start in 2004 and has become the global leader in email services. Google’s interface, which is extremely feature-rich, provides users with a tremendous lot of freedom and customizability.

For one-on-one communication with friends and family, personal email is ideal. It may also be used to create personal social media profiles and sign up for personal services. For handling business communications and professional relationships, a business email is the ideal option. Group aliases, more storage, and company-specific features and connections, such as migration support and a control panel, are all common aspects of business email.

A business email account is one that you use solely for business or professional purposes. Business email is designed specifically for teams and organizations that communicate on a regular basis. It is set up with the organization’s own unique domain, which lends legitimacy and professionalism to the brand. Collaboration is made easier with features like group email accounts and global address lists.

Webservx Mail provides easy-to-use migration tools as well as specialized migration assistance 24/7 to ensure a seamless, lossless transition from your current email provider. Calendar and Contacts sync, as well as PST file migration, are all supported by Mail.

It’s tough and time-consuming to manage your own email servers and protect them from spam and DDOS assaults. Once you’ve set up your domain with an email host, they’ll take care of these more complicated duties for you. Delegating the email host to operate your domain email will allow you to focus on your business rather than running around servers, thanks to the vast customization choices.

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