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Copywriting for Email Marketing, more than any other type of marketing copy, must be properly constructed. Everything, from the subject line to the main content of the email and your call to action (CTA), must be carefully written to entice the reader and then persuade them to take action.

As a result, email copywriting services in India are a discipline that requires time and effort to master. When you and your marketing team are preoccupied with a slew of other tasks, it can be difficult to devote the time and attention required for email copywriting to be a success.

Quality content necessitates prior experience. We only recruit expert email content writers at WebservX. You are deserving of the finest!

Quality email copywriting services will enhance traffic to your website and communication with your customers, leads, and audience in general. Today, use a customized email campaign to improve brand awareness!

WebservX collaborates with copywriters who are professionals in crafting effective messages for a wide range of clients and markets, including eCommerce, pharmaceuticals, travel, and others.

  • Copywriting for standalone email campaigns.
  • Email authoring as part of a larger campaign management strategy.
  • On an as-needed basis, create email marketing copy.

Professional Email Copywriting Services In India

Telling valuable and interesting stories that will influence your target and develop lines of communication with everyone with whom you do business

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High Reach

Maximum Reach

Our email copywriting Services’ primary goal with the copy we create and the emails we send is to reach your customers in the most effective way possible. To produce consistent reactions. As a result, we are able to keep your clients engaged with your brand, keen to engage in dialogue, and eager to purchase from you.

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Unique And Quality Content

Fresh Content Every Time

Originality is essential in the domain of SEO, which is why we promise only the most recent content for the emails we will send on your behalf. We wish to engage your customer base while also establishing your brand. And one of the best ways to do it is to reach out directly to those who buy from you.

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Provide Unlimited Revision

Always Willing to Revise

We provide endless revisions since it has been proven time and again to be not just the most effective approach to writing the greatest email copy possible, but also highly valuable in getting to know our clients’ individual organizations and brands. We want everyone we work with to be completely satisfied with our services, and being open to revisions ensures that.

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Team Of Expert Copywriters

A Wealth of Writers

We have an excellent pool of writers from all around India that work relentlessly to capture every factor of the clients with whom they work in the copy they produce. We understand how difficult it is to find the proper people to represent your business, which is why we thoroughly screen every writer we hire to ensure they will regularly compose high-quality emails and fulfill all deadlines.

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How Our Email Copywriting Services works:

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Tell us what you need

Use the Brief Builder to tell us what you need, and we’ll go to work. We’ll locate the best writer for your assignment and ensure that you get effective email copywriting services in India.


Quality copy, every time

Our team of pros will create email copy based on your specifications, and we will review and revise the article as needed before submitting it for your approval.

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Total satisfaction is our goal

We want you to adore your email copy and approve and send it as soon as possible. No problem if you discover that you require some alterations.

Built to perform.

The product may only be obtained through a subscription (no contract of course). We begin from the ground up, defining an editorial that will endure months or years. What is your name? What distinguishes you? What stories will be so fascinating to your target audience that they will be unable to resist making a buying decision?


Make a Great
First Impression

Rather than sending your consumer’s generic welcome letters or notifications, we will guarantee that your email copy is engaging, easy to read, and sure to pique their interest in you, your company, and your brand as soon as we push send.

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Establish Long-lasting Relationships

Aside from the things you sell, engaging with your consumer base via email is the most direct way for you to reach out to them. By offering them messages to latch onto, you’re giving them a cause to believe in your brand, which encourages overall loyalty.


Give the People
What They Want

People desire to acquire from companies with which they have common interests. You want to conduct business with people who represent you, whether you’re into sports, gaming, multimedia, or even marketing. And we will make certain that all of the email copy we create for you accurately represents you and your brand.


Boost Your
Follower Count

Companies with strong brands have a large number of followers. However, in order to get to the next level and truly begin spreading your message, you must begin at the bottom. And one of the ways we can help you achieve this is by writing excellent email copy.


Your Brand

Every business owner’s dream is to have a well-established, well-respected brand. You don’t want to become stagnant, which is why having direct access to your customers is critical. It will enable you to acquire the input you require while also empowering you to grow your brand.

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Increase Traffic to
Your Website

You may ensure a more visible, authoritative position in your industry by drawing more attention to your website via email. This will increase brand loyalty among all of your customers as well as trust in the things you sell.

Email Copywriting Services

WebservX collaborates with copywriters who are professionals in crafting effective messages for a wide range of clients and markets, including eCommerce, pharmaceuticals, travel, and others. We can provide:

email marketing agency

email campaign

We offer email copywriting services in India for a single email or a series of emails.

digital marketing agency

Part of larger
campaign management

This includes the design, development, and management of your email campaigns.

desktop software integration

Copy on an
ad-hoc basis

We collaborate with your in-house team to deliver text on an as-needed basis.


Frequently asked questions

Email copywriting encompasses all aspects of a marketing email’s content, from subject lines to preview text to the body copy itself. This content is written for brands by email copywriters, with the goal of engaging and converting both existing and new consumers.

The practice of creating an email for a present or potential client with the goal of driving conversion is known as email copywriting. This conversion may be a response, a sign-up, a trial, or simply reading one of your blog posts—whatever it is, all of the text in the email should be geared toward it.

The practice of crafting search engine-friendly text that, most importantly, appeals to consumers and their inquiries are known as copywriting for SEO (search engine optimization). When done correctly, SEO copywriting may help you improve your rankings while also satisfying your users.

What does a copywriter earn? According to statistics compiled by Payscale and Pay, the typical annual copywriter salary is $47,838, with 80 percent of copywriters making between $35k and $65k per year.

Here are fifteen standards of email etiquette that every professional should be aware of: Use a direct subject line in your email. Make sure you use a professional email address. The “reply-all” button should only be used when absolutely necessary. Add a professional email signature to your email. Use formal salutations. Excessive exclamation points should be avoided.

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