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We make recommendations based on your business type so that your PPC advertising produces results in terms of lead generation and ROI. As a result, our professionals monitor and keep an eye on data analytics for PPC management on a regular basis.

As a reliable PPC Agency, we consistently take a systematic approach to ensure that everything is in order

Search engine marketing is the best choice for organizations looking to increase income with a high return on investment.

Pay-per-click services are exactly what they sound like. You are only charged when someone clicks on your ad. Unlike other forms of advertising, where you typically charge for each impression, display, or view. PPC services ensure that you only pay when you receive a satisfactory return on your investment.

The different types of PPC advertising services include:

  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • Campaign Management Setup
  • Native Advertising
  • PPC Audit Services
  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Local Services Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • Facebook Ad Services
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Social Media Advertising

As the Best PPC Agency in India, We Provide High Business Solutions

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Characteristic Of PPC Agency


Text advertising is a great way to reach out to active customers who are interested in your products or services.

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Display Ads

Display Network

Different types of engaging adverts are being rolled out over the web.

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YouTube Ads


Reach out to and engage viewers on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet.

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Google Shopping Ads


Use eye-catching retail advertisements to market your products.

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App Download Ads

Universal App

Drive app downloads across Goggle’s networks

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The Advantages of Hiring a PPC Agency in India

When the concept of PPC was first established, the goal was clear: obtain visibility by optimizing your website. That was it because there was no competition or convenience in creating websites back then. As PPC was regarded to be a practice that might promote footfalls and meet desired purchases, the objectives varied throughout time. Here is a list of the advantages PPC Agencies can bring to your PPC campaigns. 

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When you begin spending following your PPC campaigns, the results materialize within a short amount of time. This means that your products and services will receive targeted attention, footfall, and, eventually, sales.



This is one of the objectives that businesses seek while contacting PPC Agency. Doing a Google Ads campaign, optimizing those sponsored efforts, and landing on the top page of Google will undoubtedly help you to spread the word about your brand.

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One advantage of PPC campaigns is the ability to target consumers based on geo-location, interests, search queries, buyer personas, and so on. As a result, your company will receive people that are truly interested in your services/products.


Highly Optimized

You can make your products reach the correct individuals if you have marketing tactics in place and a budget to spare. One method is to use keyword match types such as exact match, broad match, and so on.

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Charged Only When Ad is Clicked

The beauty of sponsored ads is that if you don’t have an ad budget, you only pay when someone clicks on the link – when the user takes action. As a result, your advertising show on search engines FOR FREE. You benefit from a win-win situation

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When you can quantify your efforts, it is much easier to assess their effectiveness. Impressions, CTRs for your advertising, bounce rate, unique page views, and so on all provide obvious signs of whether you are on the correct track or not.

Service Offer By Our PPC Agency

google adwords

Google Ads

We execute high-performance PPC campaigns, beginning with defining the correct campaign aim and narrowing it down to the right audience, and ending with in-depth keyword research and ad placement.

bing ads management

Bing Ads

Our certified Google and Bing experts assist business in making the best use of the Bing platform by developing well-optimized paid marketing programs.

social messaging applications

Facebook Ads

We then create the full conversion funnel for a result-oriented Facebook marketing plan, with thorough targeting and achieving the proper reach as our primary goals.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is used by 94 percent of marketers to promote their business. With our well-targeted and conversion-focused LinkedIn ad campaigns, we assist businesses in reaching industry decision-makers.


Ad Remarketing

Retarget your ideal audience with relevant ads and fantastic ad copy, which can help you establish your brand with a personalized touch.

saas web application solutions

Video Ad Management

Video advertising is exploding in popularity, with millions of people watching them every day. Through proper Video Ad Management, you may better target your customers and create global exposure for your company.

off page seo

SEO Services

Our PPC Agency in India can assist you with everything from targeting the proper keywords to generating relevant content, optimizing your page structure, and setting up Google Analytics.

enterprise seo Services

Local SEO Services

Is your company catering to a specific geographical audience? Consider using our Local SEO services. From Google My Business creation to conversion tracking, our PPC Agency in India does it all.

digital marketing services

Content Marketing Services

“Content is King,” but how many people believe this? If you haven’t already, it’s about time! Our PPC Agency offers a variety of link-building and content outreach services that may be tailored to your specific requirements.


Frequently asked questions

Over the years, WebservX has collected more than 100 successful case studies and extensive knowledge in the field of digital marketing. They are a Microsoft and Google AdWords accredited PPC agency in India. Furthermore, through weekly and monthly reports, the WebservX Experts team provides total transparency of all your digital efforts.

Absolutely! WebservX is a group of digital experts that can help a company create its future. For decades, the team has provided end-to-end services, from web page creation to building a dynamic digital presence. Furthermore, the staff may operate on a big number of accounts at the same time.

PPC (pay-per-click) is a digital marketing technique in which advertisers are paid a certain amount each time an ad is clicked. An attempt to buy visitors rather than acquire them naturally. A professional PPC provider can help you properly adopt this concept for your brand.

Paid media refers to advertisements that businesses pay for in order to direct visitors to their website or to display a brand message on a website, tablet, or other digital services.

The primary goals of PPC advertising are to target the proper audience and raise brand recognition. So, if you’re looking to boost your brand’s visibility and recognition, PPC marketing is the way to go.

Yes! We make certain that all of our clients are fully engaged in the development process. Our staff sets up your project on the development server and offers you full access so you can keep track of what’s going on.

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