Our amazon seller account management services in India


  • Setting up your Amazon account.
  • Registrar of Brands
  • Product listing and categorization
  • Creating a multi-variant listing if necessary.
  • Listing optimization for Amazon Search Engine.
  • Configuring FBM or FBA. (Whichever you prefer)
  • A pricing strategy is being developed.
  • Inventory and order management
  • Amazon ad management
  • Winning Amazon Buy Button.
  • Working on Customer Support and responding to inquiries as quickly as possible.
  • Obtaining more good client feedback/ratings.
  • Overall Amazon Account Health.
  • Amazon updates on a regular basis.
  • We will revise keywords that are directly related to your products and customer searches.
  • We will make the appropriate bargains and promotions on a regular basis, in accordance with your budget.
  • Follow-up with customers for product ratings and feedback; this will enhance product awareness because a good rating leads to high sales.
  • We will keep your account in good shape so that your sales grow.
  • Up to 50 new product listings/modifications are permitted.
  • Management of daily inventory.
  • Management of Account Health.
  • Offers, Promotion, and Advertising
  • Return the Claim.
  • Dispute Resolution.
  • Enhance Product Ranking.
  • Increase your sales.

Our Amazon seller account management services in India include the following:

process image one
Amazon Seller Account Setup

Seller Central Account Setup

Do you need help setting up your professional seller account? With the help of our Amazon seller account management experts in India, you can get the job done perfectly the first time. We will provide you with step-by-step instructions as well as the necessary and crucial information to register your seller account.

process two
Category Approval From Amazon

Category approval

Ungag yourself. Our Amazon Seller Account management Experts will obtain approval to sell in restricted categories by employing all legal tactics and hacks. All that is expected of you is to give the necessary information. Let us handle the rest.

process eight
Manage All the Issues Of amazon Related to Legal Cases

Manage Log Cases

Case creation, submission, administration, response, and ongoing follow-up via Amazon. Our Amazon Seller account management services in India will serve as the primary point of contact between you and Amazon support to give regular updates as your trusted Amazon account management agency.

process seven
Dedicated Amazon Ads Management

Sponsored Ad Management

An experienced team of Google Adwords certified specialists will manage your PPC campaigns, scale bids, and add keywords based on their exact match type. A one-of-a-kind PPC strategy designed specifically for your items to ensure that every dollar spent on advertising is converted into sales.

process five
Remove Negative Feedback and Get Positive Feedback

Negative Feedback Removal

Have you received unfavorable feedback? Don’t worry, we’ll manage and eliminate unfavorable feedback utilizing white hat tactics within the Amazon time limit. In addition, we will react to consumer inquiries and questions, as well as unfavorable reviews.

process six
Weekly Reporting

Overall Account Health

We know what is best for your account, whether you sell through Vendor Central, Seller Central, FBA, or FBM. We will monitor your account’s performance and metrics to ensure that it meets Amazon standards.

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Benefits Of Our Amazon Seller Account Management Services in India

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Scale your
Amazon business

It’s simple to hire an Amazon Seller account management Agency in India to help you scale your business. We will lay the groundwork for you to succeed as you expand your Amazon business.


potential revenue

Selling on Amazon is fraught with difficulties and stumbling blocks. Amazon Seller Interactive offers strategy and management services to help you raise your conversion rate. 



Look no further if you require Amazon assistance. Our team of skilled and experienced Amazon seller Account Management and consultants is happy to guide you on the best solutions.

central account

Creating a Seller
Central Account

With us at the helm, issues with your seller account will never be an issue. We will promptly repair these issues and walk you through the intricacies of establishing your account.


of Listings

We maximize keyword rankings by improving your product pages. Our SEO expertise enables us to effectively use them to increase and maintain the conversion rates of your sites.

enterprise seo Services


When you rely on our knowledge, increasing your organic ranks will never be an issue. We understand the importance of keywords in increasing your brand’s visibility on Amazon.

brand content

Brand Content

Allow us to increase the conversion rate of your listing by emphasizing the benefits of your product with Enhanced Brand Content. We’ll develop keyword-indexed appealing copy that expands on the benefits your product provides. These will be presented in a smart manner with enticing photos that complement the targeted descriptions nicely.

risk and fraud analytics

Product Listing

We handle all aspects of your product listings, from categorizing them to providing particular details like SKU, content, search phrases, characteristics, and more. Furthermore, we handle bulk and parent-child listings for your products on Amazon, as well as other elements that contribute to earning the buy box via Seller Central.


Brand Registry
& Protection

Registering your brand on Amazon is a long process that necessitates serious effort and plenty of time. When you work with our account managing team, you can expect us to manage each step meticulously and to take care of raising your paperwork. We’ll keep your brand safe from evil entities like forgers and unlicensed sellers.

launch support


Take edge of our product launch services to get your private label off to a good start. With us at the helm, you can expect a well-planned and run launch that results in positive client feedback. We use thriving trade plans, which we merge with proper brand-protection steps, to keep your range safe from hijackers and forgers on the Amazon.


Prep &

Our Amazon seller account management services team handles all of your shipment-related needs as your dependable third-party prep service provider. Our unrivaled experience has equipped us with a thorough understanding of all the regulations and norms governing shipping, as well as how to maintain Amazon accounts.

amazon update

Amazon Update

Amazon will make changes and updates to the general marketplace environment on a regular basis. Our Amazon seller account management team keeps an eye on it at all times and will notify you of any changes to rules and policies as they occur, as well as perform upgrades to your account.


Frequently asked questions

The following is a step-by-step guide to creating an Amazon Store:

  • Step 1. Create a professional seller account first.
  • Step 2: Create an Amazon Brand Registry account.
  • Step 3: Use an acceptable template to create your store’s homepage.
  • Step 4: Create your store’s pages.
  • Step 5: Place content tiles on each page.
  • Step 6: Put your stuff online.

Check out Amazon. On the right, click Other Sellers. Other vendors’ shop names are clickable. Under the seller’s name, click on the storefront. Look for their seller ID after merchant= in the HTML bar. Their seller ID is a letter combination. Stay tuned for further information.

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a service that allows businesses to use Amazon’s logistics network to help them develop. Businesses bring items to Amazon fulfillment centers, and we manage receiving, packing, shipping, customer care, and returns for those orders when a customer makes a purchase.

Once logged in to Amazon Marketing Services, the Stores link is located at the top of the webpage (primary navigation bar). The primary navigation bar at the top of the Seller Central webpage also allows sellers to visit their Amazon Store. Under the “Storefront” page, merchants may access the Stores feature (link).

Amazon storefronts are available to sellers, suppliers, and agencies. Anyone interested in opening an Amazon Store must first register with Amazon Brand Registry, which requires applicants to have a registered and current text- or image-based trademark.

Amazon’s storage and fulfillment service, FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon), allows retailers to deliver products to an Amazon warehouse and have their orders dispatched by Amazon. FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) is a fulfillment technique in which the seller is solely responsible for inventory storage and order fulfillment.

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