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Our website SEO audit service in India begins with an overall study of your website to determine what action is required to optimize it for search engines. Based on this study, WebservX makes suggestions for upgrading your website in order to improve your overall search engine rankings. These suggestions could include, but are not limited to:

  • Duplicate content
  • Broken links
  • Dangling links
  • Similar title tags
  • Duplicate meta descriptions
  • Web copy editing
  • HTML validation
  • Browser and resolution compatibility
  • Page loading times
  • Site Statistics
  • Error pages

Our audit can provide insights into how to proceed.

  • Your website is being held back by technical issues.
  • Duplicate pages lower your ranks.
  • All pages of the website load quickly.
  • SEO-friendly website content.

The steps that we, as an excellent SEO audit services provider, take are as follows:

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Create SEO Audit Report

Technical SEO Site Audit for Your Website

  • Search for SSL certification.
  • Check that Google only indexes one version of your website.
  • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.
  • Increase the speed of your website.
  • Repair broken links and eliminate 404 errors.
  • Examine backlinks.
  • Using Google Search Console, you can resolve indexing issues.
  • Examine your website in relation to user accessibility criteria.
process seven
On-Page SEO Audit

On-Page Optimization Audit

  • Use short, descriptive URLs.
  • Look for title tags and descriptions.
  • See H1 on your page.
  • Content audit on the page.
  • Find links to pertinent internal and external resources.
  • Look for optimized photos with descriptive alt text.
  • Rich snippets can be found in schema markup.


process eight
Alt Text Optimisation

Image and Video Optimisation Audit

  • Make a photo inventory.
  • Troubleshoot optimization difficulties.
  • Choose the appropriate image format.
  • Image SEO keyword assessment for performance.
  • Examine bytes per pixel and total pixel optimization.
  • Look for image cropping and compare natural vs. display size.
  • Examine your photos for keyword optimization.
  • Examine the photos for Alt text and Text.
  • Examine the photographs for subjective quality.
process six
Layout Audit

Website Layout/UI/UX Audit

  • Make use of behavioral metrics.
  • Make use of attitudinal metrics.
  • Make use of user personas and customer journeys.
  • Conduct an SEO competitor audit.
  • Organize and analyze the information gathered.
  • Examine the graphic and responsive design.
  • Examine the message for clarity.
  • See also the accessibility issues.
  • Examples of UX audit reports.
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What exactly is included?

Our SEO Audits are performed manually by qualified SEO Experts in India. This is not the same as performing a Technical SEO Audit with a tool. In 60 days or less, our specialists will examine your overall SEO performance, website, and industry and produce a detailed report with a prioritized action plan on what you need to do to enhance your SEO rankings and traffic. Although each audit is tailored to the demands of the individual website, the following items are shared by all.

off page seo

Technical SEO

Technical SEO issues might have a detrimental impact on your rankings without you even recognizing them. We will examine your technical SEO architecture and give precise advice on how to resolve any issues that arise.

keyword tracking

Keyword Research

Everything in SEO begins with a keyword, which is the foundation of all successful SEO operations. We will ensure that you are targeting the correct keywords and will provide you with ideas for additional keywords to target in order to satisfy your users’ intent.

enterprise seo Services

Content SEO

Is your content search engine friendly? Can it be understood by search engines while also satisfying user intent? Do your users enjoy your content? Our SEO Content Audit will provide you with all of the answers in a language that you understand.

conversion rate

Penalty Identification
& Recovery

Is Google penalizing your website? Did you notice a dramatic drop in rankings and have no idea why? We will notify you if you are subject to a Google penalty and how to remove it.

on side optimization

On-Page SEO

We will examine the on-page SEO structure of your pages (including the homepage) to ensure that you are sending the appropriate signals to Google engines.

saas web application solutions

Website Structure

Most individuals overlook the significance of having a well-defined site structure, which is terrible for SEO. We will evaluate the structure of your website and give precise advice on how to optimize it and better serve your users.

data Migration & consolidation

Off-Page SEO

We will analyze your link profile, uncover toxic links that may be harming your rankings, and provide precise advice on how to enhance your link profile.


Custom SEO

Many websites fail because they lack a well-defined SEO strategy. We will recommend an SEO strategy that will work for you as part of the audit.

email marketing agency


You can contact our SEO professionals directly via email and ask them questions or seek further information about any of the topics addressed in the Audit report.

Our SEO Audit services Add-Ons

We understand that there are occasions when you require more than email support but do not want to commit to monthly SEO services. That’s why we established a selection of SEO Audit Add-Ons to enable you to receive the help you need without committing to ongoing services. All add-ons have a clear one-time cost and are reasonably priced to assist you to stay within your budget. The following are the most popular add-ons:

social media marketing company

SEO Consulting

One-on-one Skype sessions with our experts to discuss anything and everything related to your online marketing.

social media optimization

Content Marketing Plan

We can conduct extensive keyword research and create a comprehensive content marketing plan for you.

superior order

Content Creation Services

Our skilled researchers and SEO specialists can produce high-quality optimized content to meet all of your requirements.

swift app orting

Link Profile Clean up

Many websites suffer from poor backlink quality, which has a detrimental impact on their Google rankings. Using SEO tools alone will not suffice to clean up your link profile; you will need expert assistance.

seo audit

Competitor Analysis

Understanding how your competitors use SEO and digital marketing is a significant asset for any company looking to survive online, and we can help you discover their secrets.

speed and performance

Website Speed Up

Slow websites are detrimental to your SEO and revenue. Our team of highly skilled web developers can resolve all issues and increase the loading performance of your site on both desktop and mobile devices.

WebservX offers SEO Audits as a services.

Competitor Research

A competitor research audit is a thorough review of the websites of your competitors. It is a detailed assessment with recommendations for improving your website. An SEO audit Agency investigates the SEO strategies currently in use on your competitors’ websites. Based on the data, it recommends strategies to improve the performance of your website, resulting in better results and a higher ranking in search results. In our fast-paced world, every company must keep up with new innovations. By creating a captivating and dynamic website.

Website Structural Audit

The Website Structural Audit evaluates your website’s structure and architecture, as well as the web page code that is in use. The ideal architecture of your website helps customers to navigate it with ease while carrying out their tasks successfully. The website SEO audit services in India establish the best layout for your website. This includes, among other things, a reduced menu, effective internal linking, and a better-organized content hierarchy by recognizing content gaps. You will be able to discover your website’s full potential by doing a platform review.

Technical aspects

A Technical SEO Audit is intended to identify the many programming and technical issues that may be causing your website to function poorly. Ecommerce SEO services will assess and address some of the most basic but crucial technical issues, such as proper SSL installation and the presence of any missing pages, among others. For web crawlers to efficiently visit your website, website SEO audit services will review crawl numbers, do an XML sitemap check, and evaluate robots.txt. WebservX SEO services recommend using 301 redirects.

On-Page Optimization

The On-Page Optimization Audit will review and recommend the best methods to improve the content on your website so that search engines can locate it and rank it higher. The website audit service investigates the top traffic-generating keywords and suggests a list of additional terms to target. Furthermore, SEO audit services will search for duplicate or missing title tags and meta descriptions. It suggests improvements to internal and inbound linking, as well as improved navigation and canonicals. It generates a clean URL that corresponds to the website’s content.

Content Quality

The SEO agency will evaluate the quality of the content on your website. The material on your website should be distinctive, educational, engaging, and easy to read. The quality of your content influences both the user experience and the ranking of your website. The SEO audit services will do the following tasks: Determine whether you need to alter your content strategy and, if so, how. Make a recommendation if any specific content should be added or removed. Compare and contrast your material with that of your competitors, noting the variations in number and quality.

Site’s Performance

In SEO audit services, site speed is defined as the time it takes for your website or a page on your website to load after clicking on a link. The speed of a website influences its rating. In most circumstances, the time it takes for a website to load should be less than 3 seconds. The Site Speed audit looks into these issues. The SEO audit company investigates and corrects any flaws that may be slowing down the performance of your website. This will also provide you with ideas on how to improve the site’s speed for mobile and desktop users with varying bandwidths.



Frequently asked questions

The SEO Checker isn’t a stand-alone application. Signing up grants you access to Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT), our solution to Google Search Console’s constraints. It’s absolutely free and allows you to monitor the SEO health of your website.

There are six tools that may be used to swiftly check the SEO of a website.

  • Examine the time it takes for the webpage to load.
  • Keep track of the ranks for certain search phrases.
  • Examine the mobile-friendliness of the site.
  • Examine the technological framework.
  • Examine the content’s relevancy. 
  • Internal links should be checked.
  • The Bottom Line.

What do SEO Services entail? SEO services are search engine optimization services that aim to improve website exposure and, as a result, organic search traffic. These are frequently offered by SEO businesses or freelancers that are knowledgeable in all elements of the industry.

Our SEO audit starts with a thorough examination of your website’s architecture and coding. We may use this strategy to uncover the latent potential of your website. Our in-depth on-page analysis determines whether your web pages include all of the essential characteristics of a well-optimized page. At the same time, the off-page SEO audit examines your company’s digital footprint to determine if it delivers a positive experience for both visitors and search engine crawlers.

Sure, we’ll take care of it! We’ll make the required adjustments for you depending on the ideal target keyword for your company. Our SEO professionals will do a monthly audit of your website and provide you with a prioritized SEO action plan tailored to your needs.

While the time it takes to do a thorough SEO audit is totally dependent on the size of your website, on average, the procedure and submission of the final report take 4-5 working days.

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