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You utilize a large number of digital tools, but they don’t ‘speak’ to one another. You find yourself repeating your job across many platforms, each of which is required by different portions of the organization. If you are unable to do so on a consistent basis, you are leaving gaps in data that are necessary to propel your organization forward. If you can do so on a continuous basis, you know you’re wasting time and eventually producing less value than you’d like to.

VTiger CRM, Alfresco, SharePoint, as well as the required Web and Desktop Technologies

One of our core skills and the area in which we have the most comprehensive experience is the development of ERP solutions that address all of the enterprise’s demands in customer communication, workflows, asset management, storage management, analytics, planning, and data visualization.

We can assist you with developing an all-encompassing application for organizational management from the ground up, beginning with idea development and continuing with post-launch support, upgrades, and maintenance.

    The Advantages of Business Automation Development

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    We Help Each Client

    Reduced Work By 80%

    By reducing the requirement for one-on-one help for each client, WebservX freed up valuable human resources. WebservX was able to downsize its employment by 80% as a result.

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    Effective Cost

    Decreased Costs

    A Company has lowered the number of resources, errors, time, and effort required to accomplish each step of the process dramatically. Finally, WebservX was able to significantly reduce costs related to business process execution.

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    Increased accuracy With Automated Procedure

    Increased Accuracy

    By bringing the entire procedure online, they completely eliminated the need for documentation. WebservX was able to boost business process accuracy by decreasing human errors and inefficiencies by replacing outdated manual operations with new automated processes.

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    Through Automation Increase Speed

    Increased Process Speed

    By automating repetitious procedures and reducing needless steps, they eliminated bottlenecks. As a result, WebservX was able to significantly reduce the overall time it takes to conduct critical business activities.

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    What do we do?

    Our objective is to develop data-driven solutions tailored to the specific needs of each of our new customers, employing the best practices we’ve learned from working with other business domains.

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    We have vast experience as an enterprise automation software development company in the development of performance and reliance-oriented enterprise resource planning solutions to assist you in managing the entire pipeline of business operations and resources with optimal efficiency.

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    We recognize the significance of effective communication with clients and partners. To do this, we create CRM software that assists our customers in improving communication efficiency, distributing workload, increasing ROI, retaining existing customers, and attracting new customers.


    Business Process Management

    Manual entry and a lack of adaptability in workflows slow down corporate processes and raise the overall cost of all activities. We create unique solutions or tweak existing ones to solve these problems through automation Development of repetitive low-level operations and improved integration across the infrastructure.

    data Migration & consolidation

    Data Management

    WebservX provides robust data management solutions for the creation, sharing, use, and orchestration of information across enterprise environments, assisting our customers in increasing productivity and improving communication through project collaboration, workflow automation, and effective document.

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    Big Data & Analytics

    We transform billions of unstructured records into meaningful and visually appealing insights that assist our customers in making data-driven decisions and actions. WebservX develops end-to-end Big Data solutions with the demands of asset-intensive enterprises in mind to provide you with a competitive advantage.

    document management

    Document management

    WebservX has provided electronic document management solutions tailored to your individual requirements and workflows. We have hands-on expertise in converting paper documents into data that can be easily identified, searched, formatted, and distributed throughout the company.

    Why Should You Use CMS Business Automation Services?


    Minimum Involvement And Maximum Efficiency

    We proactively identify numerous areas where business process automation can be implemented and custom creative solutions to ensure the best results with maximum accuracy and efficiency.



    Each of our automation software solutions has been thoroughly tested for security and functionality. CMS technology enables you to increase your team’s productivity by relieving them of many of their everyday responsibilities.

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    When everyday chores are completed manually, one of the most difficult duties is evaluation. Our automated business processes, on the other hand, may be reviewed for functionality on a regular basis using well-defined parameters.


    Taking Care of Entire lifecycle of Processes

    We provide our most innovative technological solutions, which are packed with the best features to support your processes throughout their full lifecycle. We, on the other hand, integrate innovation with real-world benefits and have thoroughly evaluated all of our products to ensure that you experience amazing performance.

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    We Compress The Routine Tasks

    Routine duties take up a significant amount of your employees’ time. We save a significant amount of their time and attention by compressing their processes. With the proper use of this freshly acquired chunk of free time, your staff can engage in core productive activities that will eventually lead to success.

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    Zero Discrepancy

    The discrepancy is a key cause of inconsistent outcomes in routine processes. With our precisely created technical processes, you are free from this difficulty because each procedure is handled using the exact same technique, resulting in inconsistent results.

    Our Business Automation Development Services for BPA

    development services

    BPA Software Development

    We assist Company in developing and deploying automation Services by gaining a thorough grasp of their requirements through consultation for comprehensive business process management.

    platform ideation

    BPA Software Integration

    We assist firms in developing and deploying automation solutions by gaining a thorough grasp of their needs through consultation for comprehensive Business Automation Development.

    on side optimization

    BPA Software Customization

    We provide customization services that will immediately address gaps in your organization’s requirements and fill them with custom-made automation Services.

    Industries we work with

    We assist customers in a variety of industries in locating technical solutions to their most challenging business challenges. To do this, the WebservX team provides unique software suited to industry specifications that will be the greatest fit for your individual instance, with an emphasis on industry-specific capabilities and requirements.
    cloud development services

    Energy & Resources

    WebservX is a company with extensive experience in developing business intelligence and business process management solutions for energy and oilfield organizations. Our extensive knowledge of the oil and gas business stems from more than 5 years of collaboration with industry leaders.

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    Finances & banking

    With custom-built advanced software service, WebservX assists fintech companies in structuring, storing, analyzing, and utilizing their data. Working with us ensures that your program has rock-solid security and 100 percent precision in financial data management and analysis.

    healthcare & life science

    Hospitality & venues

    Our software engineering team is capable of building solutions that assist the hotel industry in collecting, analyzing, and utilizing data offered by digital channels to improve performance, increase customer satisfaction, and leverage the insights to increase business efficiency and income.

    application development services

    Media & entertainment

    WebservX creates software that assists media and entertainment companies in increasing audience engagement, improving operational efficiency, and performing better revenue management by providing full-cycle software development services such as end-to-end asset flow, omnichannel distribution, and monetization.

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    Manufacturing & production

    Modern manufacturing equipment and informational systems generate a large amount of data, which we know how to use to create custom solutions that are directly connected to all manufacturing hardware and software, allowing you to reduce production costs while improving the overall manufacturing environment.


    Healthcare & health records

    As we have completed several projects in this industry, we understand the requirement for real-time data and analytics, as well as exact recordkeeping and workflow management, that healthcare firms require. WebservX will assist you in developing mission-critical software solutions that will become your dependable tools for day-to-day work.


    Frequently asked questions

    Automation, as the name implies, is the use of technology to replace manual labour in order to stay up with modern software solutions. This is because technological advancements have ushered in a global demand for perfect application software.

    By attaining this degree of automation, you may design new capabilities with confidence, knowing that they will work and will not damage anything, before deploying your programme. Essentially, you reduce the possibility of damaging something, and you can immediately correct any errors discovered.

    Test automation developers (also known as test automation engineers) are software developers that design and implement programmes that conduct automated tests on new or existing software, which is an important element of the software development process.

    The establishment of a custom-made software factory is the foundation for software engineering automation. Even non-software engineers can describe the desired software capabilities using this factory. We can automate 75-100 percent of the remaining software development process based on this specification.

    The simplest form of automation is Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

    JavaScript. JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages for test automation, especially when it comes to front-end development. Python, Java, C, PHP, Ruby, Smash Test, and VBScript.

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