Are you ready to get some high-quality backlinks to help your site rank higher on Google?


Awesome, You won’t be able to create more sales or grow your business if you don’t obtain enough traffic from search engines. So, how can you boost your search engine traffic? The answer is simple: build high-quality backlinks.


The more links you build, the more traffic search engines will send your way. So, what’s the best way to get high-quality backlinks for your blog? Let’s start with the basics before getting into the intricacies.


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Why is it necessary to create backlinks?


Search engine crawlers consider backlinks to be votes. here is an amazing backlink strategy The more links point to your site, the higher the importance of your blog pages in search results. High-quality links help you rank higher in search results.


That’s how the bulk of authority sites, even for competitive keywords, rank effortlessly. Because tens of thousands of blogs all over the world connect to them.


Backlinks are divided into two categories.


These are the links you should be constructing. The term “do follow” refers to links that instruct search engines to follow them. If you get a do-follow link from an authority site, your page’s traffic will skyrocket in no time.


Nofollow links inform search engines that the links should have no bearing on the ranking of the link’s target in the index. So, while they are of no utility, they are nonetheless important. For example, while all social network links are no-follow, search engines nevertheless give them some weight, boosting your ranks.


In 2022, how do you build an amazing backlink strategy for your blog?


1. Guest blogging is not extinct.


Guest posting isn’t actually dead, contrary to popular belief. There is a slew of popular bloggers who continue to write guest pieces for one reason: it works.


Guest posting has an amazing backlink strategy and its own set of advantages, which include:


  • The ability to create relevant and high-quality linkages
  • You’ll have the opportunity to network with other bloggers (and also through comments on your guest posts)
  • Your email list may be quickly built and expanded.
  • By connecting from your guest posts, you may quickly send visitors to your home page or any other important pages on your site.
  • The list could go on and on.
  • But here’s the thing: guest writing is time-consuming and difficult!


Yes, getting your guest articles published on authority sites like Problogger is difficult, but they bring in a lot of traffic and, more significantly, backlinks from authority sites (with a high DA) can help your website’s overall backlink profile and authority.


If you want to guest post on authority sites in your sector, you must first learn how to write email pitches successfully.


So, how can you build backlinks through guest posting?


Here are a few instances of Blogger’s Passion guest post links.


Write high-quality content for an amazing backlink strategy


As you can see from the previous guest posts, we spent a significant amount of time researching, writing, and editing them. That’s why they turned out so good and received so many social shares, likes, and comments. Don’t write mediocre material if you want to guest post for authoritative sites.


Spend time studying before you begin guest blogging


Make a list of guest posting sites where you can publish your work before you begin. We’ve developed a massive list of over 250 guest blogging sites that you may utilize to identify fantastic blogs. Spend some time reading some of those blogs to see what kinds of content are most likely to generate interest. That’s how you can come up with fantastic guest post topic ideas.


So make it a point to create at least two guest articles for top blogs per month, and you’ll have a high domain authority and possibly see a significant increase in traffic from search engines within a year.


2. Interviews and Link Building


There’s a better approach to increase your exposure, develop your personal brand, and gain high-quality backlinks to your website.


So, what exactly is it?


Allow other bloggers to interview you. Many bloggers (even specialists) often publish interviews with other bloggers in their fields.


Having others interview you is the best method to:


  • Attract high-quality backlinks (mostly do-follow links)
  • Make your personal brand stronger.
  • Increase the number of visitors to your website and the amount of time they spend on it.
  • Acts as online word-of-mouth advertising
  • The list goes on and on.


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So, how do you get other blogs to interview you in order to generate links?


Achieving out to persons is one of the most effective methods to get interviewed (though we’ve never requested interviews only for the aim of collecting links because we all have enough power and competence in our sector, so all interview requests come easily to us).


When you don’t have a strong personal brand but have outstanding content or outcomes on your blog, you should reach out to other bloggers to be interviewed.


As you can see, one of the more well-known bloggers recently approached us with the aforementioned pitch, seeking to be interviewed. He also demonstrated why we should interview him for Bloggers Passion (he was making a ton of money from his site, which is enough for us to consider his interview request).


We gladly accepted his email proposal because it was short and also gave a reason to post the interview. We even sent him to interview questions that he can respond to.


That’s the way things work. Our site provides him with links and exposure. In exchange, we will post a beneficial piece of content on our website. As a result, it’s a win-win situation.


So there you have it. While answering the interview questions, be sure to link to some of your blog pieces. This allows you to create several links at the same time.


3. Create an amazing backlink strategy By producing high-quality content


The greatest strategy to build links, out of all the link-building strategies discussed in this essay, is to create content that naturally attracts links.


Yes, you read that correctly. Create material that naturally attracts links.


Building high-quality, relevant links through your content is a terrific approach to it. The good news is that you won’t have to put in much work because most of the links will appear on their own.


Did you know that we got links from big publications like Forbes and Wikihow through organic means? Yes, it is correct.


So, what motivates people to share your content?


The simple solution is to develop excellent content. There isn’t any other option.


Let’s speak about a simple framework for creating content that naturally gets links from other websites.


But first, let’s look at a post that already has a natural link from Wikihow, as described previously. You may also find a post about monitoring website traffic here.


Make a fantastic topic for an amazing backlink strategy


As you can see, we chose a fantastic topic in website traffic analysis. It’s a topic that’s highly beneficial to all types of bloggers and marketers. Who doesn’t want to know how much traffic any site, including its competitors, receives?


So, in our industry, that’s a terrific topic to write about. You may utilize a few tools to come up with fantastic subjects, such as;


Semrush (we frequently utilize Semrush for keyword research, and this is how we always come up with low-competition, high-profit keyword suggestions)


Quora is a website where you may ask questions and (another great place where you can find lots of ideas for your blog posts)


Buzzsumo is a website where you may find out what (just enter a topic on Buzzsumo and it will give you a list of highly popular blog posts in your industry)


Make detailed content


The above-mentioned example post is quite helpful and detailed. It’s also the #1 reason why it’s ranking on the first page for phrases like check website traffic for free because we included approximately 14 tools to check website traffic.


Google frequently favours material that is both useful and instructive. So, if you want to develop content that naturally draws links, you should write extensive material that is at least 2000 words long. Try to cover everything there is to know about the subject you’re writing about.


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We frequently update


our blog entries, which is the final phase in the content strategy we utilize to 


create high-quality material that draws backlinks from other websites. We pay close attention to the best-performing blog posts, conduct keyword analysis, and maintain the content up to date.


As a side aside, the post we’re talking about featured only 5 tools for determining a website’s traffic (you can check the URL of that post). Then, over the years, we updated the content several times, which helped us acquire adequate traffic from search engines.


Begin by using the skyscraper technique.


Writing epic content that organically attracts links from other blogs is the easiest strategy to generate additional high-authority backlinks to your own websites. How are you going to do that?


The Skyscraper Method is a tried-and-true method for obtaining high-quality links to your blogs using your own content.


Brian Dean of Backlinko was the first to coin this approach, and he used it to significantly increase his traffic.


Improving it by making it more thorough, interesting, and useful.


Promoting it to the appropriate people in order to reach a larger audience.


Here’s a step-by-step instruction for beginners who want to learn how to apply this strategy to gain more backlinks.


4. Using Roundups to Build Links


Getting included in roundup pieces is the simplest method to increase your authority as a blogger while also gaining relevant links to your site, whether you realize it or not.


The good news is that a large number of bloggers write roundup posts on their sites.


Here’s an example of a roundup post in which we were mentioned on the Huffington Post. Just have a look at their Huffington Post roundup.


Huffington Post has included me in one of their compilation blogs on “LinkedIn marketing strategy,” as you can see from the screenshot above.


Another roundup post where Blogger’s Passion was highlighted on B2C is this one.


As you can see, both of the samples above feature roundup posts from which we obtained links to Bloggers Passion. We created good quality links from high DA sites because both of the above sites are authority sites (which increases the overall backlink profile of Bloggers Passion in the long run).


So, how can you get your site listed in blogger roundup posts so that you can obtain high-quality backlinks in 2022 and beyond?


Here are a few tried-and-true methods for using roundups to gain links to your website.


It’s a no-brainer to be everywhere: You should first get found online if you wish to be included in other blogger roundup postings. Be present in every situation. Spending all of your time on your blog is a massive mistake. To be found online, you should go out, network, and communicate with other bloggers.


The more people notice your name and see it on other blogs, social media sites, and other places, the more opportunity you’ll have to establish links. That’s all there is to it. Isn’t it true that no one wants to add a lesser-known blogger? As a result, be everywhere. Participate in forums, Twitter chats, and Facebook groups, among other things


Compile a list


Compiling a list of blogs and bloggers who frequently make roundup posts is another fantastic approach to getting included in them. A large number of bloggers from various businesses write roundup pieces of bloggers on a regular basis. You can communicate with them, tweet their content, speak about their items, and even seek to be included in their future roundups if you have such a list. It works perfectly.


Be valuable when you participate


When you participate in blogger roundups, make sure to deliver very useful replies rather than generic ones, which don’t stand out. Many bloggers highlight the best answers from the participants who provide the greatest answers at the top.


When responding to blogger roundups, be sure to link to relevant blog articles or pages, since this not only helps you generate links, but it also helps the audience find the best information.


5. Commenting on blogs is part of creating an amazing backlink strategy


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Commenting on blogs is one of the simplest ways to create links.


Although blog commenting will not help you create do-follow links (nearly all WordPress comments are no-follow, meaning you will not receive any link juice), it will help you maintain a healthy backlink profile.


You should never establish only one type of link, either do-follow or no-follow, whether you realize it or not. Maintain a correct ratio between do-follow and no-follow links at all times. This is how you may boost the backlink profile of your website.


This is where blog commenting comes in handy!


Blog commenting has a slew of advantages, including:


The advantages of networking (blog comments can help you engage with other bloggers to build relationships)


Advantages of SEO (you can use any of your blog post URLs while commenting and get SEO benefits such as better indexing, crawlability, more visibility, and increased search rankings)


Blog comments might assist you in gaining trust and increasing traffic to your website.


When you comment on other blogs, you may be invited to write guest posts for them.


The list goes on and on.


If you look at the screenshot above, you’ll note that we left a LARGE comment, possibly around 200 words long. Such large comments not only receive responses from blog authors, but they also do not readily end up in the spam section.


Is it still worthwhile to leave comments on blogs?


One of the most often asked questions about backlink building is whether blog commenting is still beneficial in 2022.


Yes, it is a resounding yes. Yes, blog commenting is really effective, particularly when genuine, insightful, and thorough comments are left on other blogs (as shown above).


Every month, we leave a slew of helpful and insightful comments on other professional blogs. Despite the fact that we receive a lot of traffic from search engines, we continue to comment on blogs since we know how effective comments are!


However, if you only leave one-line comments, they will not help, and your comments will most likely find up in spam folders on other blogs.


Here are a few tips for writing outstanding blog comments that can help you build links to your site.


Find suitable blogs to comment on


You should compile a list of websites and blogs where you can make comments. Simply construct a list of sites that provide fresh content on a regular basis and receive a fair amount of traffic. A Google search is the quickest approach to finding comments on blogs:


  • To begin, open an incognito tab to see results that aren’t personalized for you.
  • You may now identify commenting sites in your niche by using search strings like “in URL: blog”, “blog commenting sites”, and so on.


Concentrate your efforts on high-authority blogs that receive a lot of traffic and shares. You may use tools like Semrush to quickly determine a site’s authority.


You may also utilize indicators like Moz DA to determine whether or not you are allowed to comment on any given blog. If nothing else works, see how many social shares the post has received or how many comments have been left.


Add value: Leaving one-liner comments like “thanks for sharing fantastic content” is pointless. Every week, we receive a large number of comments on Blogger’s Passion posts, which we promptly delete or send to the spam folder.


One thing to keep in mind when commenting on blogs is to add value. While leaving comments, you can ask questions, create a debate, and share your thoughts. That’s how you acquire more visitors and click on your blog comments.


6. Make the Most of Your Product Reviews


Another clever technique to generate high-quality links is to post product reviews.


As you can see, we’ve previously done a thorough, unbiased evaluation of WPX hosting. Our testimony was included alongside a link because WPX Hosting provided links from their “customer reviews” area.


In fact, Bloggers Passion has been utilizing WPX hosting for more than three years. We gave it an honest evaluation because we’re already satisfied with its hosting, services, and customer service.


Here’s another example of a product review link we found on Product Hunt for the WiseStamp product (Product Hunt is a website that lets users share and discover new products).


Simply compile a list of everything you use on your blog. Alternatively, look for a list of products that give links in exchange for user reviews.


Here are a few examples of product types that frequently swap links for client feedback.


Products linked to web hosting (such as WPX hosting)


  • Marketing via email (such as AWeber, Get Response, etc)
  • Semrush, for example, is an SEO tool.
  • The list goes on and on.


In fact, make a list of all the items you’re already using and contact the product developers to tell them you’d like to submit a review for them. It is applicable to a wide range of businesses.


You can do the same, and I’ll show you how.


Next time you submit a product review, make it more descriptive and insightful. If feasible, go for 2000 words with plenty of screenshots.


Then, send an email to the developers of the goods you’ll be recommending. Also, request that they share or link to your product review articles. If they like it, they will undoubtedly link to it.


Did you enjoy the suggestion? Let’s go on to the next step in obtaining high-quality links for your sites.


7. Make use of video marketing its part of an amazing backlink strategy


YouTube, whether you realize it or not, is the second most popular search engine behind Google and youtube is a must-have part of your amazing backlink strategy.


Thousands of firms are turning to video marketing to increase their backlinks and following. When compared to textual content, videos are easier to view and digest information.


So, how do you use movies to build high-quality backlinks? If you’re a beginner, instead of diving right into video marketing, we recommend starting with the following.


The first step is to create a YouTube channel. Simply identify the best-performing posts that drive the most traffic from Google and create movies around them.


Use your links and promote your videos wisely: Make sure to link to those posts from the video’s description to drive traffic to your blog and earn backlinks.


As you can see, the tutorial above describes how to create a free Blogger blog. On our blog, Bloggers Passion, we’ve already tackled the subject (you can read it here).


The whole goal of creating a video tutorial around a topic that has previously been addressed on the blog is to boost the total exposure of the material that is currently working well.


backlink blog image five


8. Participate in Quora discussions.


In 2022, Quora will be one of the top places to obtain backlinks.


If you’re a blogger and want to make an amazing backlink strategy and are seeking new ways to gain links and increase traffic, Quora is a terrific place to start. It’s similar to Yahoo! Answers, but the Quora community is far more informative, allowing you to learn more about any subject.


Pick and follow the topics you’re interested in once you’ve signed up for Quora (it’s free), and you’ll be able to get a feed of questions and answers relevant to them.


For example, SEO is one of our favourite topics, and when we want to discover what our target audience is searching for, Quora informs us what they’re looking for.


You now know the types of inquiries that pique the interest of your target audience. Begin writing about those themes on your own site, and once you’ve finished, respond to the same questions on Quora.


So, both on your blog and on Quora, the objective is to strike a balance. However, instead of providing extensive information, direct readers to your own blog sites where they may find it.


You may follow us on Quora by clicking here, as we frequently post articles about growing website traffic, SEO, and making money online.


Pick and follow the topics you’re interested in once you’ve signed up for Quora (it’s free), and you’ll be able to get a feed of questions and answers relevant to them.


As you can see, we’ve included a link to one of our own articles that is relevant to the Quora topic. Not only did we provide a helpful answer to a searcher’s query on Quora, but we also included a link to our site. In that manner, we were not only able to assist people on Quora, but we were also able to develop links to our website from Quora.


Quora links, like blog comments, are no-follow, although Quora answers frequently appear in Google search results for a variety of inquiries. So, if you can create fantastic answers and receive a lot of upvotes, you’ll eventually get more clicks to your own blog posts (if you’re connecting to them while answering questions on Quora).


Here are a few methods that we use while creating Quora replies that have proven to be effective, which you can use as well.


While writing on Quora, come up with unique ideas


Don’t give the same old advice that everyone else is giving because it won’t get you any upvotes (upvotes on Quora are similar to likes on Facebook or retweets on Twitter). Find unique concepts and apply them in your Quora responses since they garner the most attention also it is part of an amazing backlink strategy


The faster you acquire your first 100 upvotes, the more likely your Quora answers will go viral. The more upvotes, comments, new followers, and traffic you receive from Quora, the more popular your answers become. That’s all there is to it.


Begin to establish a strong presence on Quora: The best approach to get the most out of Quora is to have a strong presence on the platform. How are you going to do that? There is only one way to go about it, and that is to deliver constructive responses.


Don’t offer all of the information while answering a question, as we stated earlier. Instead, provide as much specific and useful information as possible in response to the inquiry, but be sure to include a link to the blog post where all of the information can be found. You’ll meet their demands while simultaneously gaining traffic from Quora.


Track your progress and interact with others: The third suggestion is to keep track of your progress, as Quora provides a full analysis of your upvotes, most popular answers, and so on. You can readily determine which types of answers produce better outcomes by keeping track of the results.


Remember to interact with others on Quora, as it is not intended for self-promotion. You’ll get the same kind of promotion sooner or later if you start encouraging others while blogging on Quora.


9. Make testimonials available


Did you know that applying a testimonials hack can help you gain highly relevant and high-quality backlinks?


What does a testimonial hack entail?


This is the most underutilized yet most successful approach for increasing the number of quality backlinks to your blog without adding more content. The following is how it works: Start giving testimonials to relevant blogs or products.


Do you want to learn how to leverage testimonials to create high-quality backlinks?


Let us go over the testimonial approach with you.


Step 1: Make a list of all the products you now use.


Aren’t you using at least a few paid items like web hosting, SEO tools, WordPress plugins, and so on?


All you have to do now is make full use of them and create a testimonial for them to email to the product owners. That concludes our discussion and it is a part of an amazing backlink strategy


The majority of product owners connect to their blogs using REAL customer testimonials.


Step 2: Learn from other bloggers’ strategies and put them into practice.


Every week, you must be reading a lot of articles relating to your profession, right? Why not take their suggestion and achieve some results for yourself, then email those blogs with your findings?


What a fantastic opportunity for you and them! You’ll gain greater visibility, and they’ll gain more credibility. They will gladly link to your blogs if you achieve incredible achievements using their tactics.


For example, if you’ve ever read all of my blog posts and attempted to follow the tips we publish here at Bloggers Passion to achieve the greatest results from them, and you let us know, we’d be happy to give your site a shout-out by providing a link!


On his website, Matthew Woodward had a testimonials area where he offered links in exchange for testimonials about him or his site. We didn’t hesitate to submit a real testimonial for him because we’ve been following his blog for a long time and find his content to be great.


As a result, it’s a win-win situation. He received a legitimate reader’s testimonial, and we received a link in exchange. Now it’s up to you to identify blogs and websites that provide free backlinks.


10. Create eye-catching infographics to create an amazing backlink strategy.


Did you aware that photos may be used to create an amazing backlink strategy?


Yes, Infographics make this possible.


They are succinctly presented using simple illustrations. Infographics not only provide easy-to-understand information, but they are also widely shared on social media and linked to other blogs.


Simply include an embedded code at the bottom of your Infographics design so that others may quickly connect back to your site.


To create great Infographics, you can use tools like Photoshop or Gimp, or hire a designer. Canva is a good alternative if you can’t afford skilled designers or aren’t proficient in Photoshop. It’s a basic picture editing tool that makes it simple to produce Infographics, even if you have no design experience.