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    How do we build scalable Apps

    We assemble and execute your vision to hit your key objectives with an application that looks unique, feels safe and secure and with top of line experience. From planning to coding to coverage user testing we work agilely to build scalable software or application.


    Planning and research

    Identifying your user and knowing your vision for developing applications we plan according to different categories. Better to be confident in the marketability of your application we market research and competitor research and then we place your vision into true strategies.



    We create a low-fidelity prototype to guide UI/UX for your app and offer a general sense of the functionality of your app. And review it and obtain feedback and prepare the final mock-up for letting your plan into a functional app.



    Implementing the redefined prototype into the final design that is UI-UX is been designed into a cohesive application. One of the most important parts of the development process is designing.



    Developing the final design into a “FINAL” version of the app by writing the final codes. This is been very critical to create all the possible user interactions to see the general flow of the user on the application. But we have an experienced team of developers to fulfil your needs.



    Testing is the parallel stage of the development, we analyse the results from all the activities done and try to take action on the data gathered during the process.



    Application is sent for the approval to App Store (Play Store). This is done whenever a New version of the application is released. After the approval, the App is available to the public. ( Need to fix some of the bugs according to a guideline of the store)


    Support & Maintenance

    After launching, work is not over. We review the feedback of the user and potentially add new features and find an effective solution to the bug and glitches and re-launch it.

    Our small group of creative minds are experienced

    We at WebservX create a collaborative environment where developers and designers push their boundaries to complete the business that needs focused product software. Programmers, developers, and engineers are well-versed in Programming languages, Frameworks, Databases, Tools for Development and most importantly Tech Architecture.

    Programming languages

    We used the latest programming languages such as Java, Javascript, and Python to create a mobile or online application to tailor to your company’s needs. We educate our team with the latest languages to provide the best application according to your requirement. 


    We create top-noche frameworks UI/UX to bespoke vision into your application for speedy application development. For exquisite UI/UX design, tools are used such as Python, Angular, Django and node.js.


    We use one of the best database management and analytic technologies in the development of applications such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL to develop secured and safe applications according to your requirements and industry.

    Programming tools

    We use the best and latest programming technologies including Xamarin, IntelliJ IDEA and Docker, to create and design and deploy iOS, Android and Windows apps that are tailored to your brand. 

    How our app development agency would help you to target across the Internet & Boost your Brand

    App development service from WebservX helps you target across the Internet and boost your brand. We help you to endear your brand to millennial users and also the potential expansion of your customer. We are not just like any other App development agency We Are an extended part of your Tech Team.

    We help you sell better whether it is through communication with the users or it is your product or service by building trust, authority and security on the app, get started with the inflow of customers on your applications.


    We create apps that is made for USERS only


    We create an application that offers 24/7 customer access and support


    We develop an application that is worthy that drives more traffic & maximum downloads


    We do a weekly demo of the application and review the changes and issues observed


    Better user experience, loading speed and user interface


    We provide long-term application benefits


    We develop trustworthy applications to achieve users’ trust


    We develop the application with better user interaction and performance

    App development service from WebservX results in

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    Better customized solutions

    We offer customized solutions to your business’s creative requirements and objectives. We customized the application development that caters to your business needs by improving productivity, enhancing efficiency and streamlining processes.

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    Better brand awareness

    We believe in developing well-designed and functional applications that significantly contribute to your business. We ensure that applications reflect your business identity and values. Offering a seamless user experience can strengthen the user’s trust and business reputation.

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    More Leads

    In today’s time, having an application is quite common, but staying competitive is very crucial. But we at WebservX can help you gain your presence by delivering a modern and rich with multiple features in your application.

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    Expand market reach

    We help you target a wide range of audiences by making your products or service to users worldwide. This helps reach and open up the market and new opportunities for user and business growth.

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    Better data-driven insight

    Our service incorporates analytics and tracking capabilities of your app. This help to gather data on user behaviour, preference, performance and engagement pattern. By analyzing, we gather insights into the user’s performance and refine the marketing strategy, ultimately driving business growth.

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    Better user engagement

    We develop an intuitive and user-friendly interface for the app that enhances the user experience. This leads to boost customer loyalty, higher conversion rates, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty & reputation, as development is directly linked to user interaction and engagement.

    Our Clients

    WebservX is one of India’s Best Digital marketing and Web development agencies; we have provided the best possible solution in different fields with a team of professionals. We collaborate with clients to provide the complete solution to boost their business and provide them with the first-page placement on Google for a more extended period.

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    Case Study

    Webservx has been a reputed agency for years with a fantastic track record of implementing and providing successful solutions. We have consistently improved and added cutting-edge services to maintain our competitive edge.

    Why Hire WebservX as your partner Development Agency

    As we have extensive experience and expertise in different platforms and languages, which allows us to develop the best application up to your vision. Trust WebservX to bring your vision to life!

    Clutch rated Marketing services.

    We are 5* rated on Clutch

    Best Marketing Practices.

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    We have more than 6 years of experience

    Up-To-Date Marketing.

    We educate our team with all programming language updates

    Marketing support.

    24X7 Support

    Marketing Reporting Services.

    We provide monthly/weekly reporting

    Marketing Solutions services.

    Modern problem? Modern solution

    Marketing Guidelines.

    We follow all of the PlayStore guidelines

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    We use the best database management and analytic technologies

    Frequently asked Questions

    Got a question? We have an Answer. Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers. Have got some more questions? Call – +91 9586650402 or email us to

    YES, it is worth hiring a professional App development agency. Has numerous benefits for your business, including maintaining and establishing an online presence, and developing strong relationships with your users.

    There are many reasons behind what makes WebservX different from other App development agencies

    We determine the programming language by the targeting platform. Here are some of the most often-used programming languages and platforms. Android application Kotlin iOS application Swift Cross-platform application React native or flutter

    Yes, we develop multilingually applications.

    None of the two businesses are the same, there are few processes that are found to be practically the same on the business planet! Almost every business or brand. Example: The billing system, regardless of the type of same service or product provided. CRM(Customer Relationship Management) and ERP(Cooperate Resource Planning) and e-commerce platforms are examples of the most common forms of enterprise for app development.

    Surely, why not? Our app development agency provides complete documentation and publishing support throughout the project lifecycle. Additionally, we monitor user reviews and respond to their requests in a timely manner in order to increase loyalty and conversion rates.

    App Development Services that we provide

    We at WebservX create Cross-platform and hybrid applications to assist different industries to target different utilizing the same coding base for iOS, Windows and Android.

    iOS App Development

    We have been creating impactful iOS apps for years. Our talented app developer will help you in every step from the solution, and design to development to delivery. To operate leads of iOS application development tools utilizing XCode, CodeRunner, CocoaPods, Applyzers, AppCode and many others.

    Android app development

    Whether your need an Android app for an Android device like a smartphone, TV or wearables, we help you to find the solution for every device. Our experts know each and every corner of the Android. To Operate lead Android application development tools including Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio.

    Windows app development

    We develop window applications in India for various industries, and our app developers have extensive experience. The Windows application development with .NET framework and Microsoft Visual Studio.

    Get Free Application Development Plan

    Request a free audit Application Development from WebservX, and know about the free market research, planning and comprehensive competitor analysis by WebservX.