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    • Get website content in accordance with the Google PPC guidelines.
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    How We Boost your conversions with PPC

    To Stay in front of millions is challenging. Most agencies dream of achieving so. But we have been ACE’d. We know exactly what we do, which will place you on the top of paid Google search results.


    Audience Identification

    Identifying your audience and researching their habits like what they search the most on the search engines.


    Keyword Research

    Researching relevant keywords which are relevant to your brand/business and what your users and audience is looking for.


    Competitor Research

    Research your competitors based on the SERP results and analyze what makes them rank.


    Implementation On Channel

    Use the right Ad platform for the PPC campaign after doing preliminary research.


    Bid management

    We analyse the results and changes from the activities done and try to take action according to till data gathered.



    We analyse the results and changes from the activities done and try to take action according to till data gathered.



    Repeat the campaign after solving the problem seen during the live campaign on the platform and launch it again.

    How our PPC services help you better Conversions.

    PPC service by WebservX would help you to rank in the search engine results. We help you to stand out above your competitors. We are not just like any other PPC service agency, we are an extension of your marketing & sales time. We help you to perform better whether it is through products or services by building trust and authority on the website. Let’s get started with the inflow of the audience on your website.

    Research & Analysis

    Before we start your campaign we do analyze the existing PPC account to know the areas that need to uncover weaknesses and redirect for better and more effective opportunities to boost sales & greater ROI.

    • In-depth Competitor Analysis.
    • In-Depth Competitor strategy
    • Identifying Winning Points and Keywords
    • We analyze more than 1000 keywords.

    External Research

    Our qualified team do intense research before we launch your campaign.

    • In-depth competitor research.
    • We do regular keyword research and adjustments based on the increased search on Google.
    • We even do website, UI/UX, pagespeed & server analysis.


    To increase the conversion rate, we offer convincing PPC advertising, landing page optimization and UI/UX review, user-friendly lead generation form is a part of the PPC management service.

    • Enhance lead consistency by using a strong Headline.
    • We increase the page speed of the website and more.
    • Create the Title that gets you more clicks and convincing ability.


    We create content which is unique and easy to read to users. The content will educate and guide the customer to buy your product or service. Long-form informative content according to the guidance of Google that educate the user. We create Ads content that converts users to clicks.

    • We create content that ranks 
    • We optimize content that converts
    • We Promote content that creates awareness

    A/B Testing

    Our in-house professionals employ used highly innovative tools to assess the effectiveness of landing pages and campaigns. We test the conversion and conversion path and analysis them for better deals.   

    • Testing conversions.
    • We do extensive testing for your page experience
    • We test out highly optimized ads to get even better results


    We kept regular updates on the activities and changes in the Campaign. We define metrics to help you understand your needs and results.

    We provide weekly/monthly reports according to the plan Meeting to help plan better. Our Reports include

    • CPC, ROAS, ROI
    • ROCE
    • Landing Page DATA
    • and More

    How our PPC Services Help you sell better

    PPC Services from WebservX helps you get better conversions in search engines. We help you stand out from your competitors. Not just for B2C but also for B2B. We are not just any other PPC agency We Are an extended part of your sales Team.

    We help you sell better whether it is your product or service with building trust and authority on web, get started with the inflow of customers on your website


    Cost-effective PPC Campaigns only


    Specific Targeting to your audience


    Get Value Added – Landing Page Experience


    Landing Page with the best customer experience


    Better Customer Experience, Page Speed and User Interface


    We constantly monitor changes and results in your PPC Campaign


    We provide long term PPC conversions and life-time value benefits


    We create trustworthy websites to gain and earn user trust

    PPC services from WebservX result in

    Our PPC services result in best results that would get top-notch results for your company such as

    quality marketing services

    More quality Traffic

    Quality Traffic on your paid-campaigns is extremely important, as you are spending money on your campaigns, we guarantee quality traffic on your PPC campaigns, like no other agency can

    top marketing services

    More Leads & Purchases

    We assure our customers that we provide more leads and purchases from your PPC campaigns ever run before. WebservX has an expertise in digital marketing like no other, that leads a profitable venture

    optimized marketing services

    Better & Higer Conversions

    If you always looks for better and higher conversions, say no more. We at WebservX always aim to provide PPC campaigns with better and Higher conversions, which we do, most of the times

    marketing services

    Better Sales

    Do you always look for better sales and conversions from new customers, who will add to better brand awareness and life-time value from your customers, you are at the right place.

    top quality marketing services

    Win-Win for you

    We provide a win-win situation for you, with lowest CPC and higher sales, a cost-effective method for you to get your brand out there. WebservX is the Digital Marketing agency that can get you there

    better marketing services

    Better Sales

    Want sales like it’s Christmas? All year long? Yes we can get you there, with WebservX’s PPC Services. Get the most out of your PPC campaigns. Spend Better to Earn Better with WebservX

    Our Clients

    Hear from WebservX’s clients, What we did for them – We Can Do for you and more & Better

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    Case Studies

    Don’t know whether we are the right fit for you? Read a few case studies and know how we have solved problems for our clients

    Why hire WebservX as your partner PPC agency?

    WebservX is a prominent PPC service provider in India, which provides a wide range of services across different industries and businesses.

    Clutch rated Marketing services.

    We are 5* rated on Clutch

    Best Marketing Practices.

    We use best PPC Practices

    Marketing Guidelines.

    We Follow all of Google’s PPC Guidelines

    Marketing Expertise.

    We have More Than 6 Years of Experience.

    optimized marketing services

    We use best practices only

    top marketing services

    We place you on the top with best PPC practices

    Marketing support.

    24X7 Support

    Marketing Reporting Services.

    We Provide Monthly/ Weekly Reporting

    Marketing Solutions services.

    Modern Problems? Modern Solutions

    Frequently asked Questions

    Got a question? We have an Answer. Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers. Have got some more questions? Call – +91 9586650402 or email us to

    YES, it is worth hiring a professional PPC service provider as it has numerous benefits for your business or brand. With a company like WebservX your efforts and costs can reap extremely great results.

    As we help you to get the best possible results on your campaign and measure the success of your business and campaign based on KPIs such as CTR, conversion rate, CPA, and ROAS. This report would help to highlight your performance and effectiveness in your business.

    It can offer you several benefits, such as visibility in the SERP, precise audience targeting, measurable results, control over ad spend, making your position in the market and the ability to test and refine campaign strategies for better performance.

    The timeframe for seeing the estimated result varies, but some improvement can be seen shortly after the campaign. We work continuously to improve the performance of the campaign and deliver positive results.

    It depends on the number of clicks on your ad click and varies on the products and services you service.

    The quotation of PPC service varies depending on different factors like ad quality, targeted keywords, etc. but can help you to set and manage your budget, ensuring that you get the best possible results within your budget.

    WebservX – PPC agency reach out for

    In today’s full-fledged digital marketing, you can keep your stand and attract attention on different platforms on the internet. To increase your sales and online exposure our professionals would help you with PPC service.

    Local Ads

    It is a campaign type that you can use to promote your online business tied to specific geographical locations done by different companies, organizations or individuals. Our PPC team is talented and individually skilled at creating the best Local Advertising campaign to increase your brand visibility across specific areas.

    Display Ads

    It is a campaign that is displayed in different formats on websites or applications. Our team is the potential to display this ad in front of users who are searching for similar products or services or may be interested in the products and services you are offering.

    Shopping Ads

    A shopping Ad campaign can be one of the most profitable parts of any business. As the conversion rate on the shopping Ads is highest. We create the best shopping experience for the users with multiple platform options as our team is talented and skilled at creating the best Shopping Advertisement to increase your brand & product awareness.

    Video Ads

    We WebservX expand the Ad campaigns with video creations and business services for the business. Brand and sales can benefit from Video Advertising campaigns as your Ad would be played in front of someone who is not aware of your brand or business. You don’t have to do more effort to comfort the audience.

    Search Ads

    We at WebservX can assist you in elevating your business/ brand above your competitors. We create unique and innovative ad copy that the audience and user search the most for and get maximum results.

    Remarketing Ads

    We at WebservX assist you to do remarket the campaign that user interact the most (it is totally based on user behavior). We help you to provide follow-up emails and keep a track on the user or audience who have visited your website and hopefully convert them into customers.

    Request a free PPC Audit

    Request a free PPC audit from WebservX, and get to know about PPC- fixes and errors in your entire campaign.