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Say hello to WebservX, Not just an agency but an extension of your marketing team that helps you to build a strong connection via Email.

    • Save Time and Effort.
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    • Get your personalized Email content for better audience engagement.
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    How do we build a strong connection with Email marketing

    Getting your connection stronger and growing across the globe is tough. Most businesses dream of achieving so. But we have ACE’d it. We know exactly what we do, which will place you worldwide.


    Audience Identification

    Identifying your audience and researching their habits like what they are most interested in.


    Keyword Research

    Research keywords like what your audience is looking for and which keywords are suitable to your service and business.


    Competitor Research

    Research your competitors based on their SERP results and analyze what makes them to be on the Top.


    Campaign and Template Evaluation

    Examine your email templates and running campaign from the last 12 months to provide you with a comprehensive picture of your performance and engagement. And to discover the issues and inefficiency in your campaign.


    Technical Reviews and Data Examine

    We check all the technical concerns with your present setup newsletters and other marketing emails arrive at the correct inboxes and we set a benchmark for email analytics, access your performance and guarantee that you’re working with proven email lists.


    Program Analysis

    We cover an audit of your current automation, audience segmentation, and email list and a complete analysis of marketing automation and strategy to boost your performance.



    After analyzing the complete audit, our experts gather and give recommendations for your better campaign and repeat the process.

    How our Email marketing service helps you convert better leads

    There is no more powerful digital marketing approach than Email marketing. Email marketing is one of the best marketing tools for creating and converting leads with the rise of the popularity of mobile messengers and chat programs; app 61% of customers prefer facilitated brand communication via Email.

    Research and Analysis

    After we start the campaign we analyse the existing Email marketing campaign to know the pros and cons of the campaign. Know the uncovered weakness and redirect for the better.

    • In-depth Competitor Analysis.
    • Identify the suitable keywords and points to work on.
    • Study in-depth competitor strategies and keywords.


    To increase the leads, we offer template designing, email automation, marketing management, email marketing strategy and others.

    • Enhance lead consistency by using a personalized and strong headline.
    • Create a title that gets you more clicks and convincing ability.

    Content Optimization

    We create content that is user-friendly and unique. As the content will educate and guide the user/customer to buy your product or service.

    • We create content that ranks.
    • We optimize the content that converts leads.
    • We promote content that creates awareness.

    Upkeep List

    Most email marketing agencies focus on the engagement of the audience but we as a reliable marketing agency also focus that targeting the correct users, our mission is to constantly increase engagement through a regular listing.

    • Provide regular updates and listing.
    • Segmenting unengaged users.
    • Focus on the correct audience.

    A/B Testing

    Our professionals used highly innovative tools to assess the effectiveness of the campaign. We test and analyse the conversion of the users and the conversion path for better deals.

    • Testing and analysing the conversion rate.
    • We analyse highly optimized campaigns to get better results.


    We give regular updates on the activities and changes done in the campaign. We provide weekly/ monthly reports according to the meeting to help plan better.

    How our Email marketing service benefits you to connect better.

    Email marketing service from WebservX helps you to get better relationships and conversions. We help you to stand out from your competitors. Not just for B2C but also for B2B. We are not just any other Marketing agency; We Are an extended part of your marketing Team.

    We help you to sell better whether it is your service or product by building trust and getting started with the inflow of customers on your website.


    We create websites that is made for USERS only


    Specific targeting to your audience.


    Cost-effective Email marketing campaign


    Custom and proven email marketing template


    Personalized content that is user-friendly


    Constantly monitoring & testing activities of the campaign


    Help to connect with a different audience


    Establish an Opt-In Email Listing

    Email Marketing Service from WebservX results in

    Our Email marketing service results in company promotions and also get top-notch results for your business such as

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    Better & higher conversion

    Always looking for better and higher conversion rates, say no more. We at WebservX always aim to offer you the best email marketing campaigns with better and higher conversion rates which we do, the most out of others.

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    Customized Email Marketing Templates

    We analyse the uncovered weakness of your site which is most popular among visitors. We use past email marketing data to incorporate tired and true aspects. We provide you with a personalized email template that is consistent with your brand.

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    More Leads and Purchases

    We assure our customers, that we provide more leads and purchases from your email marketing campaign than ever run before. WebservX has expertise in digital marketing services like no other, which leads to a good profitable value.

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    Save time and effort

    Email marketing is substantially less labor-intensive than traditional marketing for businesses, targeted email campaigns enable you to connect and engage with your desired customers and market segment in seconds.

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    Drive strong results

    email marketing service offers various techniques to test and determine marketing efforts on the target. Subject lines and the time of delivering the campaign play an important role to drive strong results.

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    Build customer loyalty

    Strong communication and customer connection are necessary for brand engagement and generating revenue. As the cost of engaging in an Email marketing campaign is 6X less than other marketing activities and campaigns.

    Our Clients

    WebservX is one of India’s Best Digital marketing and Web development agencies; we have provided the best possible solution in different fields with a team of professionals. We collaborate with clients to provide the complete solution to boost their business and provide them with the first-page placement on Google for a more extended period.

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    Case Study

    Webservx has been a reputed agency for years with a fantastic track record of implementing and providing successful solutions. We have consistently improved and added cutting-edge services to maintain our competitive edge.

    Why hire WebservX as your E-mail marketing partner?

    WebservX is a reliable email marketing service provider in India, which provides you with long-term revenue with customized email templates, personalized copywriting and extensive analysis, tracking, and reporting.

    Clutch rated Marketing services.

    We are 5* rated on Clutch

    Best Marketing Practices.

    We use Best E-mail marketing practices

    Marketing Expertise.

    We have More than 6 years of experience

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    We use best platforms only

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    We connect you with users through best practices

    Marketing support.

    24X7 Support

    Marketing Reporting Services.

    We provide Monthly/Weekly Reporting

    Marketing Solutions services.

    Modern problem? Modern Solution

    Marketing Guidelines.

    We follow all the guidelines of Google

    Frequently asked Questions

    Got a question? We have an Answer. Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers. Have got some more questions? Call – +91 9586650402 or email us to

    Yes, it is worth hiring a professional as your business has various benefits. With an agency like WebservX, your efforts and costs can reap extremely great benefits and results.

    Email marketing is a method of informing the user on your email list about your products and services, and promotions. It may also be a pitch to educate your audience about your brand or keep them engaged between transactions.

    Hubspot is one of the best email marketing automation tools.

    There are many reasons, as it needs a lot of A/B testing to determine the effective interaction with your subscribers as it benefits your company’s goal. Register now for an email marketing service.

    The quotation for Email marketing services varies, depending on different factors like the quality of the campaign, targeted keywords, etc.

    WebservX- Direct your Email marketing campaign like no other

    Looking for a partner for your marketing team? Who can assist with your email marketing services? We at WebservX in India with an experienced internal team create a successful marketing campaign and strategy that deliver long-term revenue. We offer the following services to make your marketing campaign effective.

    Review objectives and targeting

    Are you aware of the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns in achieving your brand objectives and goals? As we are the best in email marketing practice in India, we examine your targeted area, look for the chance where you missed in the last campaign and create a new strategy to achieve your specific objectives.

    Assess Brand standards

    Consistency is very important for obtaining a return on investment from marketing services. As a result, we strictly adhere to the brand’s authority. We are also committed and understand that content needs to be fluctuating over time, so we create the marketing calendar to achieve success.

    Development and implementation

    We handle the marketing campaign from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about that. Do you need a personalized email marketing service? As we are here to design and develop each and every marketing email according to your specifications.

    Upkeep targeting list

    You must not be aware that most marketing agencies only focus on audience engagement; WebservX, as a reliable marketing agency, focuses not only on audience engagement but also on targeting the correct audience or area, segmenting unengaged audiences. Our mission is to boost engagement through regular listing management.

    Monitoring and reporting

    We provide a monthly report by our experts on your email marketing initiatives. These reports disseminate each campaign sent in the preceding month, including engagement data like open rate, click rate, conversion rate, and more. We also arrange regular meetups with the team to go over the report.

    Management and Optimization

    To provide the best possible service to ESP like list cleaning, updating new marketing strategy depending on the engagement, and various other considerations. Our email marketing experts work really hard to ensure that your account is optimized and performing at its best.

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