7 Things to Think about Before Hiring a PPC Agency

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Because you’re hiring a PPC agency of people that specialize in something specific to perform what they do on behalf of your product, transparency is perhaps one of the most crucial qualities to look for in an agency.

So you’re giving them an ad budget, maybe a number of hours to use depending on how they put it up, and you’re working with them on the plan. So, what are the most crucial products and services? All of that belongs to the advertiser, including geography.

Even if you’re using a firm to assist you with launching the campaign, optimizing it, and everything else.

If they’re not honest about what they’re doing with it every day, and they just kind of vanish before delivering you a report in an email without the details you need, based on the approach you’ve already discussed, then that’s not really beneficial to you. It doesn’t tell you much about what’s going on or how they spend their time.

Goals & Expectations

From the beginning, setting goals and expectations is crucial. From the start, you want to make sure you’re defining clear objectives and goals. You must have a clear concept of why you’re doing PPC from the minute you contact that agency, correct? We don’t want to be shooting in the dark and say, “Oh, just want to generate some traffic or sell a few products.”

When you first start working with an agency, you should make sure that your goals and expectations are in line with what they have in mind. Setting these expectations and being clear on your marketing goals from the start will go a long way with both your company and your agency, as well as keeping an eye on progress, and performance, and being able to correct course when necessary. If you don’t have a goal, you can’t score.

What’s the strategy?

The terms “strategy” and “optimization” are often used interchangeably. So, if you hear an agency you’re considering collaborating with the remark, “Yes, digital advertising is really strategic,” it doesn’t make as much sense as talking through your strategy with your potential agency. So, for every single advertiser, a search campaign might not be right for you; whether you need video, local service ads, remarketing, or something else.

Something completely unique. As a result, a strategy should be something distinctive to that advertiser. The same can be said for industries. Hotels are nothing like a store that sells ladies’ shoes or something similar. The strategy, as well as the markets, must be unique. Texas will be more distinct from the west coast. There will be a range of prices. The demographics aren’t the same. 

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Agency vs. client contribution

We do need to get started on a few things. Is it necessary for us to have access to a search console, such as Google Analytics? We do require the CID in order to gain access to the advertisements. We may require WordPress admin access in order to gain access to the backend and assist with the development of landing pages.

Also, if you have a current or former PPC account, be open to allowing the agency to look at or audit it to see what modifications we would recommend and how your agency would approach improvements moving forward, or how we would sustain the previous performance that you’ve observed.


The value of experience cannot be overstated. And the reason We were thinking about that while we were talking about agencies is that we get asked questions a lot when we do audits or talk to potential clients about WebservX. And, a lot of the time, it will come from a place like, “I’ve been trying to run this ad, maybe for a hotel,” but it keeps getting disapproved and we don’t know why.”

Then they’ll ask if you ever run hotel advertisements. Is it even permissible in Google Ads? Why are we unable to run it?

With practice, we’ll be able to look at that and figure out what’s wrong with your ad wording. You can’t just declare you’re the best hotel; you have to phrase it like this. This is the course of action you should take. And, yes, we’ve run a lot of hotel advertisements, and we’re kind of organized that way.


It’s evident that you’ll need to figure out what kind of reporting service you’ll need. I’d also consider how frequently you expect your specialist to provide these reports and updates. Do you want a report every month? Is anything like that something you’d like to have? Do you want your specialist to provide you with a biweekly update? Do you want to meet with your specialist once a week, every two weeks, or once a month to go over the results and share the strategy on a screen share, or do you want to have recurring meetings with your specialist once a week, every two weeks, or once a month to go over the results and share the strategy on screen share? We have a diverse range of clientele at WebservX.

Pricing structure

Many people use the phrases “strategy” and “optimization” interchangeably. So, if an agency you’re considering working with says, “Yes, digital advertising is incredibly strategic,” it doesn’t make as much sense as walking through your strategy with them. So, regardless of whether you need video, local service advertisements, remarketing, or something else, a search campaign might not be ideal for you.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a PPC Agency

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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most efficient ways to advertise on the Internet. Whether you spend a lot of money or not, it can help you get speedy results. It’s also convenient because campaigns may be started and stopped whenever you choose. Furthermore, the most noticeable feature of PPC is that you are only charged for clicks, not for the number of times your ad is displayed. These clicks can drive traffic to your website, which can lead to additional leads, customers, and sales.

You must, however, collaborate with a qualified PPC business to achieve outstanding outcomes. In order to choose the ideal agency, you must also undertake some research. So, before you make a decision, pose these ten questions to the agency and see how they respond. The things on the list are listed below in alphabetical order.

Q.1 Do You Have Customer Reviews That Are Verified?

Are you unsure if you’re dealing with seasoned PPC professionals? When you ask about client feedback, they should refer you to a testimonials page on their website. If they don’t hide any feedback, good or bad, they should lead you to reviews on their Google My Business page or social media sites. PPC companies that do not post reviews almost always have something to hide. They’re either spanking new or running a shady operation with which you shouldn’t associate.

Q.2 Have You Been In Business For A Long Time?

You want to be sure they’ve spent enough time with PPC to understand all of its complexity and nuances, and that they know what they’re talking about. Remember that experience does not always imply expertise — many rookies are considerably more knowledgeable than seasoned veterans — but you do want someone who has not only worked with new trends but also understands how to react to them.

Q.3 Do You Provide After-Care Services?

The duration of a PPC campaign might range from a few weeks to months. It all boils down to the amount of money you’re willing to pay an agency and your current advertising goals. But what happens after it’s all said and done? Inquire if the PPC firm offers follow-up services after the project is completed. You might have an issue with the campaign they began, and they’re the best individuals to ask for help.

Q.4 What Is Your Technical Expertise?

A PPC campaign should include a user-friendly landing page for the services or products that your company provides. A high-quality landing page with a high conversion rate can help your brand. To do so, you’ll need a web design and development firm with technical expertise.

Q.5 What Kind Of Services Do You Provide?

Not every PPC agency offers the same level of service. Similarly, one service may be more advantageous than another depending on your industry, business, and situation. To put it another way, because there is no one-size-fits-all solution that will work for all enterprises, each agency tends to focus on the services with which they are most familiar. It’s up to you to figure out what those services are and whether they’ll benefit you the most.

Q.6 Is There A Minimum Monthly Ad Spend?

Keep in mind that certain agencies want a particular amount of advertising spend. This means that you can’t go below that monthly budget with your PPC campaign. The fees for hiring a PPC Agency are not included in this monthly ad spend limit. If there is a minimum ad budget, make sure you know how much they want. It’s feasible that their bare minimum will be higher than your current marketing budget. You should also question why that amount is considered a minimum, as well as how it affects your business, specialty, and chances of success. 

Q.7 Is There A Monthly Ad Spend Minimum?

When it comes to tracking and optimizing the campaign, you’ll know you’re working with a good company if they answer swiftly. The agency must be aware of the parameters that determine the effectiveness of the advertisement. This includes both negative keywords and the search term result.

A search phrase is a single word or a group of words that a user types into Google while conducting a search. When the search phrase result is examined, you might get wonderful traffic from your PPC campaign. Every business should examine its search term data to determine which terms convert and which do not. If you know the search phrase, it will be simple to separate search phrases that will not convert for your business, also known as negative keywords. Negative keywords included on the front end by your agency will ensure that your campaign reaches the right audience for your brand, resulting in a successful campaign.

Q.8 How Do You Go About Conducting Keyword Research?

One of the most crucial aspects of a PPC campaign is keyword selection. After all, they’re the most significant component in determining whether or not your ads will be displayed. Look for a PPC agency that has a comprehensive keyword research approach that includes competitor research, negative keywords, benchmarking, and a range of other aspects that all lead to more relevant phrases when looking for one.

Q.9 What Does Your Management Fee Structure Look Like?

Don’t forget to question the methodology used to compute their professional fees. Some firms may fee you per hour, while others will charge you a monthly fixed price in addition to the minimum ad spend. Some freelancers may charge you per PPC campaign and need upfront payment.

Staying within your budget will be easier if you understand how they charge for PPC management. You might not have enough money right now to pay a fixed monthly fee, but you could hire them on an hourly basis. Keep this in mind if you’re on a tight budget.

Q.10 When Can I Expect To Get Results?

It’s usually a good idea to ask when you’ll be able to reap the benefits. Remember that nothing happens overnight, and promises of near-instantaneous results nearly always lie.

Consider what will happen if things don’t go according to plan, or if the results you’re getting aren’t what you expected. They should have a backup plan in place to cope with this and other potential issues in this situation.

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5 Proven Tips for Hiring a PPC Agency

Are you attempting to expand your firm through an effective web marketing strategy? Bringing on a PPC agency is just what you require. An agency with expertise and the necessary abilities will be able to create a strategy that is tailored to your company’s needs. The issue is, where do you go for the correct agency?

Tips for Hiring a PPC Agency

So, while looking for a Pay Per Click agency, what should you look for? The process will be less stressful if you follow these five guidelines, and you won’t fall into any frequent pitfalls.

Check their portfolio and case studies. 

The portfolio of the agency should be the first item you look at. Examine the outcomes they achieved for their clients and how they achieved them. Did they employ any special tactics? How much did it cost them to get such results? Which platforms are they most interested in? What industries did they work in?

All of these questions are crucial, especially the last one. If an agency hasn’t dealt with your industry previously, extra testing will be required, even if they aren’t going in blind. However, this isn’t enough to dismiss an organization. All that means is that things will start off a little slower.

Look out for their client list.

Take a peek at their client list if you want to go any further. Reviews are an excellent measure of how satisfied customers were with the service they received, but video testimonials outperform any other type of review. Video testimonials are more authentic and difficult to fabricate, and if someone is prepared to shoot a video on behalf of an agency, it is a clear indication that they were pleased with the job.

You could even contact some customers. Contacting them to inquire about the agency’s procedure and whether or not they’d suggest them will provide you with insight into what the client truly believes, rather than what they wrote in a review that the agency requested.

Ask the Appropriate Questions for Hiring a PPC Agency

When you’re talking to a Hiring PPC agency about hiring, make sure you ask them a lot of questions. Here are some ideas for questions to ask them:

What are some good objectives to set?

Even if you already have some in mind, it’s useful to get a sense of what they believe is feasible. This also offers you an indication of how confident they are in their ability to manage your campaign.

Can you tell me about your pricing strategy?

You don’t want to be taken aback when you get your bill. Don’t be afraid to inquire about their rates and how much they charge. It is, after all, your money!

What are your long-term plans?

Hiring a PPC agency should not be done on a temporary basis. It takes time to see results, so ask the agency what a long-term strategy for your company looks like to have a better idea of what to expect.

What matters is that you don’t feel uncomfortable inquiring. Remember, they’ll be working for you, and you’ll be paying them. Ask any questions you have, and make sure there are no misunderstandings regarding the services you’ll be receiving.

Recognize how much money you’ll be spending.

Small businesses frequently make the error of underestimating the amount of money they will spend on sponsored advertising. There are usually two charges when you pay a PPC agency: the agency’s fee and your ad budget.

Some consumers believe that the fee they pay the agency is the only cost, but this is not the case. Your advertising budget is distinct and must be large enough for the agency to function efficiently. Can you afford the $5,000 ad budget in addition to the $3,500 monthly bills from the agency?

Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs

When everything else appears to be in order, it’s easy to overlook an agency’s red signals, but don’t do so. Perhaps their numbers aren’t adding up, or they’ve spent a lot of time bragging about being a Google Partner.

You’re probably right if you sense something isn’t quite right. When an agency guarantees outcomes, this is usually a red indicator. This guarantee is promising from a commercial standpoint; after all, you want to know that you’ll get a specific quality of service. However, nothing can be guaranteed in the marketing world. Campaigns are always changing, and it’s impossible to predict whether or not a particular campaign will be successful. Avoid any agency that keeps promising you results.

Before you hire a pay-per-click (PPC) agency, keep these things in mind.

They’re a Google-approved pay-per-click ad agency.

When picking a Pay-Per-Click Advertising agency, it is critical to thoroughly investigate the firm. Finding out if an agency is Google Partner Certified is a crucial criterion for determining whether or not it is a good choice. This Google certification ensures that the organization knows what it’s doing when it comes to effectively handling AdWords accounts.

If you choose a non-certified provider, you will almost certainly end up spending more for clicks and having inferior results. These persons must complete lengthy exams and meet strict standards in order to become Adword Certified Professionals.

They work with you to develop a strategy.

It is vital to properly study a Pay-Per-Click Advertising agency before making a decision. The ability to determine whether or not an agency is Google Partner Certified is a critical criterion for deciding whether or not it is a good fit. This Google certification verifies that the company knows what it’s doing when it comes to managing AdWords accounts successfully.

If you go with a non-certified source, you’ll almost surely pay more for clicks and get lower-quality results. To become Adword Certified Professionals, these individuals must pass extensive exams and meet stringent requirements.

Regular consultation and open communication enable you to properly communicate your company’s core beliefs and goals to your Pay-Per-Click Advertising firm, which should be a top priority for them. They must comprehend the following: who you are, your goals/objectives, and how you differ from your competitors. This will assist them in creating a compelling campaign that will help your company shift the needle.

Bonus tip: once everything is up and running, you should be given complete control of your account. Some businesses hold their customers, hostage, by refusing to let them in. It’s wise to move on if this is the case with an agency you’re considering.

They boost your return on investment and handle your money with care.

An increase in ROI is not only hoped for but expected when outsourcing to professionals, just as it is with any company you outsource to. Finding the proper fit for your company can be difficult, but it’s not impossible; you just need to know what to look for, especially when it comes to a company’s previous dealings with other people’s money.

One good feature to look for in a potential Pay-Per-Click Advertising agency is that they treat the money and budget of their clients as if they were their own. Are you being charged for their most expensive service/packages, such as bidding on expensive ad spots that appear for words that aren’t commonly searched for? Or are they conducting a preliminary study to identify the best and most successful prospects for your company that will undoubtedly make a huge difference?

It’s critical to find an agency whose integrity precedes them when outsourcing something that might either be a massive waste of money or the catalyst for a boost in traffic and income.

They are industry experts with a proven track record and a long history.

Selecting a company for your outsourcing needs can take some effort, but it’s time well spent because it could be the key to your company’s future success. You’ll want to partner with a company that values integrity, conducts rigorous research before jumping in, and has experienced staff working on each step of the process (so that their focus is skilled and undivided). Furthermore, an ideal digital marketing agency bases its decisions on metrics, such as data from Google Analytics, which enables deliberate actions to be performed for increased ROI.

Their expertise isn’t limited to PPC.

It would not be a bad idea to engage a digital marketing agency that consists of experts in a variety of industries. You will get more bang for your buck this way. This is important because many online marketing services overlap; having a company with professionals in each industry ensures a smooth and complete experience for both sides, as well as more reliable results for you.


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