Enonic, a Norwegian business with locations in Bogota, San Francisco, and Oslo, is the client. The business, which was founded in 1998, provides Web Content Management systems that are easy to use, adaptable, and compliant with web standards. Large global corporations like Toyota, Posten, Statistics Norway, Gjensidige, and Jtul are among the clients of the Customer.


In order to compete with other market players in the subsequent years, the client realised in 2011 that its Java-based content management system (CMS) required a technological upgrade. They aimed to give users a fantastic online experience in light of the rapidly expanding user interface (UI) technologies like JavaScript and Ajax. The customer selected WebservX as a vendor with cross-domain experience in web app development in order to create an entirely new product that would help the business to expand its market position globally, notably in the USA.


Prior to the project’s success, a thorough, hands-on search for the best technology solution to ensure a secure and trustworthy foundation for any type of online presence was conducted.

After passing a series of demanding tests, five WebservX Java Developers were added to the project to support the Customer’s development team. Although they were largely in charge of designing the program’s front end, their ability to switch rapidly to the back end was a definite asset.

The project was launched using the free source Vaadin web application platform. Both development teams would be able to focus on Java programming, which is their area of expertise, thanks to the server-side design. But it soon became clear that the architecture wasn’t flexible enough to deliver a CMS that was as smooth and dynamic as was required.

The customer decided to test out the Ext JS framework. In just one year, the application’s codebase grew substantially, making further development and maintenance practically impossible.

WebservX and Enonic brainstormed a plan to create their own object-oriented framework and use it with Microsoft’s TypeScript to completely replace Ext JS in an effort to discover the best option. The customer was able to safeguard their API from unforeseen modification and allow customers to use the same components that were used to construct the CMS thanks to the innovative framework. The strategy automatically made it possible to test the product effectively and continuously.

The development process was carried out for a further two years using agile approaches once the WebservX team ramped up with a test automation specialist. Enonic CMS has developed into a user-friendly, scalable platform with several features that greatly enhance the user experience:

  • Users can administer one or many websites at once using the responsive admin UI, which is single dynamic page. It is simple to switch between documents and applications without having to refresh.
  • Real-time updates: Users can always be informed of any changes made to the material by other users owing to WebSockets.
  • Live editing: This allows for the creation and modification of layout templates without the need for HTML. 
    The programme offers countless design possibilities with drag-and-drop elements.
  • Flexible permissioning allows for easy and secure material access for all users, whether they are individuals or organisations.

According to WebservX Lead Java Developer Pavel Milkevich, “We have been working to make user experience as seamless as possible.” You may administer an endless number of websites with the help of this one access point, which saves you money on maintenance by avoiding the need to hire administrators. Additionally, publishing new content doesn’t involve any programming.

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The Customer has developed a brand-new content management system (CMS) called Enonic eXperience Platform in collaboration with the six-person WebservX team to offer the most user-friendly and quick way to develop and manage websites, intranets, commerce, and mobile solutions for public and private businesses.

According to Morten ien Eriksen, co-founder and CEO of the company, the experience Platform project was the biggest undertaking in Enonic’s history. “A 50 million NOK budget has been set aside for costs. Instead of copying what our competitors are doing, we prefer to be completely original with the application. He continues, “We now have a platform with a state-of-the-art, customizable architecture that puts us years ahead of our competitors.

WebservX and Enonic have established a productive and friendly relationship over the past five years. Because of our partnership with WebservX, we were able to complete the project more rapidly and with higher quality. According to Morten, the project’s creators are gifted and enthusiastic.

Technologies and Tools

Languages: HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, and

Vaadin, Ext JS, Gradle, Elasticsearch, and Less are some frameworks and libraries.


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