The Customer is a corporation that offers video streaming services to media, telecoms, broadcasting, network operators, content owners, and network operators in the US and Europe. Fox Entertainment Group, MTV, Discovery Communications, BBC, T-Mobile, Orange, and many more are just a few of the company’s clientele.


Large telecoms were able to transmit live TV to a variety of mobile devices in 2010 with the assistance of the customer. The Customer made the decision to shorten time-to-market by utilising a cutting-edge technology – hybrid app development – in light of the growing interest in the company’s flagship items among the major industry players. To kickstart new projects, the organisation selected WebservX as the mobile application development partner.


Two JavaScript, one iOS, and one Android developers were added by WebservX to the customer’s development team on a T&M basis. The team provided six broadcasting firms over the course of the three years that followed with scalable multi-screen apps that enabled viewing internet streams on mobile devices, tablets, TVs, gaming consoles, and web browsers. WebservX expanded its personnel as a result of the products’ commercial success.

The firms reached a critical milestone when they decided to create their own framework based on Backbone.js, which would open up fantastic opportunities to lower development costs and accelerate the supply of specialised solutions. By making full use of HTML5’s agility, the new design made it simple to regularly update, add features, and adjust UI/UX via the cloud without having to re-publish the app to the store. It also allowed for unique features like SVOD and movie rentals (subscription video on demand). The framework, which has been developed for 2.5 years, now supports all of the customer’s items. Currently, WebservX’s 1 Android, 2 iOS and 6 JavaScript Developers go on to improve the existing solutions and extend the framework.

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The 9-person WebservX development team has helped the Customer become one of the leading providers of TV apps that swiftly adapt to the expanding diversity and complexity of devices in just 5.5 years of collaboration. Together with WebservX, the Customer wants to improve their flagship goods and boost their reputation in the console market.

Technologies and Tools

HTML5, CSS3, Xcode, Android SDK, Backbone.js, jQuery, Modernizr, RequireJS, and Underscore.js

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