BigKid designed a flawless website for Krubera Group to showcase its well-defined product in an attractive and organized manner. The content management portion of the project was rather simple, yet it took little time to create, especially since several project components needed extra specifications after work began.


As a dependable partner, Big kid was confident in Nopio’s ability to complete the project on schedule and under budget. Together, we developed a project plan that guaranteed timely completion and the production of all necessary features, including:

  • the Advanced Custom Fields plugin and the custom theme framework from Nopio are used to create custom WordPress theme.
  • Thorough testing techniques guarantee the complete responsiveness of all displays.
  • The technique that considers performance optimization while making judgments
  •  helped to attain an excellent performance score.


Values We Made It!

  • We finished the job on schedule and within the allocated budget.
  • We also provide consultation services that led to adjustments in the project’s features that improve user experience.
  • We were able to deliver flawlessly thanks to thorough testing and consistent development methodology.
  • Brigid was able to make adjustments to the project’s scope without affecting the agreed-upon cost because of flexible approach to the project scope.
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