Wilderness Park in Lincoln, Nebraska’s largest public park. From Van Dorn to Saltillo, just west of the Jamaica North Trail, the seven-mile-long, 1,472-acre forests stretches beside Salt Creek. The park includes 31 miles of hiking, biking, and equestrian riding pathways within its naturally wooded environment. The hiking trail was formally included to the National Recreation Trails Program in 1977.


The Eleanor team came to WebservX and requested a quick construction. Following careful consideration, the WebservX team determined that the build could be completed within the specified time frame while maintaining the high-quality standards and all of the CMS features that are offered for regular builds. To make it happen, WebservX divided the build into several workstreams that were designed such that no workstream hindered another and were simple for various team members to take on. In order to make sure there would be no problems while combining the various streams, WebservX assigned one of its senior developers to monitor the overall development and adherence to standards. 

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  • using the internet fast and easily.
  • a top-notch, completely responsive website.
  • a content platform that may expand to meet the Park’s changing demands.
  • a reliable marketing tool to attract visitors and contributors.

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