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  • Interoperability with Java
  • Easy migration
  • Multi-platform support
  • Tool-friendly language
  • Less redundancy, fewer errors
  • Easy migration
  • Android Jetpack support
  • Safer codes
  • Community support
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  • Coursera
  • Netflix
  • Uber
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  • Get Bug-free Apps
  • Advanced Development
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Kotlin app development services from start to finish that generate measurable business results and value.

    Why Choose Kotlin?

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    Fast Development


    Few languages can compete with Kotlin in terms of code writing, execution, and deployment speed. It is fast and dependable since it requires less lines of code.

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    Kotlin Secure than Other Language


    To some extent, Kotlin is more secure than Java. It features Null-Safety and increased immutability, making it more secure than other languages.

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    Kotlin Support both Server And Client Side


    Kotlin supports both server and client-side development. It can also be used to create mobile and web-based applications.

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    Dealing With Latest Techniques


    Google has already covered Kotlin and fully supports the fact that it is the most recent language for dealing with current programming.

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    Kotlin App Development Services

    WebservX provides a variety of Android development services using Kotlin. Let’s look into the Kotlin advantage.


    Application Design

    We adhere to Google principles and the most recent design conventions when presenting UI and UX to users in a highly engaging and intuitive manner.

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    Kotlin Application

    We create high-performance, bespoke, and top Native Android Apps with Kotlin, a mature language and environment for optimal results.


    Kotlin App Migration

    We specialize in converting Android applications from Java to Kotlin in order to take advantage of contemporary language and advanced capabilities.

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    Kotlin App Upgradation

    Our team of developers provides upgrade services to ensure the app is future-ready as Kotlin development grows and evolves.


    Kotlin Application Testing

    Kotlin testing services ensure that your Kotlin applications perform flawlessly.


    Application Porting

    We can port programs from any language to Android, as well as convert a desktop app built in C++ or a web application written in PHP to Android.

    Kotlin Application Development Services at the Cutting Edge

    We build high-quality Android apps in Kotlin, a modern language that allows us to capitalize on the benefits of having a high ROI. For Android projects, our developers provide quick app deployment and dependable support.

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    Supreme Performance

    Kotlin is an internationally recognized, statistically typed, open-source programming language that is used to offer high-quality performance. Hire our experienced developers to produce profitable, fast, and compatible Android apps.

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    Safe Multithreading

    In multithread applications, problems occur due to simultaneous data alteration and a lack of synchronization. Our professional developers have extensive experience with immutable objects and high-order functions.

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    Safe And Reliable

    Because it provides multiple security features like immutability and nullability, Kotlin is the safest language. Furthermore, Kotlin validates the program’s accuracy, assisting you in avoiding runtime crashes.

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    Functional & Object Oriented

    Kotlin’s web framework allows for development in both functional and object-oriented ways. This allows developers to design higher-order functions and abstract more novel ideas.

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    Concise Code

    Kotlin is more than just a programming language; it is also more expressive and succinct than others. It can function alongside your existing Android languages and runtime.

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    Our talented app developers are accustomed to supplying parameters by name rather than index. This method is particularly handy when a function has a large number of parameters.

    Is Kotlin Better Than Java?

    Kotlin apps are as quick as Java because of their same bytecode structure. However, Kotlin’s support for inline functions makes a difference and speeds up code execution.

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    Server Side

    Using Kotlin, you can create server-side applications that are more expressive and concise. The best aspect of Kotlin is that developers may deploy Kotlin-based applications to any Java web application host.



    Kotlin can be used to create applications that require front-end and back-end development. Our experienced experts assist with the conversion of Kotlin code to JavaScript. They use Kotlin to construct graphical elements and DOM elements, as well as to perform server-side functions.

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    Kotlin-native allows the Kotlin code compilation into native binaries. The primary aim is to explore platforms where there is no virtual machine required. Our versatile developers own expertise in creating iOS apps using Kotlin.


    Frequently asked questions

    Kotlin is a statically typed open source programming language. It generates Java virtual machine-compatible code. The Kotlin programming language is mostly used to create Android apps.

    You posed the appropriate question to the appropriate individuals. We are India’s leading Kotlin app development firm, so we have a responsibility to live up to our name. We thoroughly grasp your project’s requirements and allow you to hire talented and experienced developers based on that understanding.

    You can interview as many Kotlin developers as you like until you find one you like. If our developers don’t perform effectively, or if you require additional developers, we will take care of both.

    What are the benefits of Kotlin app development? Following are some of the key benefits of Kotlin to your business: REST Friendly Compatibility Re-usability Quick Market Launch Reduced Development Cost

    Both object-oriented and functional frameworks are available in Kotlin. It can be used in both OO and FP styles individually. You can also use a combination of the two. Based on the support for features, Kotlin could be an excellent candidate. Higher-order functions, function types, and lambdas are all supported, which will come in handy while learning functional programming.

    Yes, Kotlin can be used to construct native applications. The current Kotlin project enables Kotlin to implement native code that runs without the use of a virtual machine. The version is still in BETA.

    Following are the main features of Kotlin:

    Concise coding
    Expressive code
    Interoperability with Java
    Native conversion
    JavaScript transpilation

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