Our Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency In India


Our eCommerce email marketing agency in India helps you raise brand awareness and bring in new clients.

With our assistance, you will have a retail email marketing strategy that can also entrench customer retention, keeping your customers devoted to your brand and products.

With WebservX, you can capture your market’s attention, keep them engaged with your brand over time, and achieve superior business results.

You can run flawless email campaigns without the effort of doing it yourself.

Our eCommerce email marketing agency will handle everything for you.

Our comprehensive eCommerce email marketing Agency in India makes it simple to build and deploy high-quality email campaigns. And we are responsible for giving the greatest results for your eCommerce. We are an email marketing team on your side, hitting your target audience’s inboxes and driving traffic to your eCommerce site.

Email marketing is essential for any eCommerce website. While you can do it yourself, there are numerous technical challenges that you may not be able to overcome. Furthermore, the preparation needs for email marketing are time-consuming.

We appreciate that not all business owners or eCommerce store owners are marketing authorities. There are those that are more interested in the product. If you have any level of eCommerce, especially if you lack technical competence in testing and automation, it is advisable to outsource your email marketing.

Our tried-and-true strategy for delivering outcomes.

Process Of Our Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency In India

process image one
Getting to know each other.

Discovery Call

Fill out our contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. Then, we’ll schedule a meeting to learn more about you and what our email services can accomplish for you. We’ll look at what’s been done, assess what’s going on, and look for areas where you can improve.

process two
Understanding your market.

Market Research

We will begin studying after we have discussed your market and finalized the goals and outcomes that you want to attain.

We will analyze your target audience and choose the best way to engage them. We will take into account their demographics, online behavior, and other information to guarantee that we produce the correct advertising.

process eight
Creating new possibilities.


We will make suggestions for email marketing solutions to your business’s problems. We will thoroughly test your emails to ensure that only the most effective and engaging ones reach your target audience’s mailbox. Then, we’ll put in place efficient automation to ensure that your emails get to the appropriate individuals at the right time. 

process four
Getting things going.


Then you can begin your new email campaign. And we promise to perform all of the heavy liftings for you. We will also make certain that we operate in tandem with you and around your existing business processes. Simply keep your attention on your business, and we will keep the pedal pressed while you wait for improved results.

process five
Constant monitoring & transparency.

Analytics & Reporting

We will provide you with regular reports to show you what is going on with your business in relation to our ongoing project, and we will provide you with comprehensive tracking tools to keep you up to date on our progress. And we guarantee that you will receive prompt responses from our multinational team, which is working on your campaign 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

process six
Reaching the next level.

Ongoing Optimisation

After we finish your email marketing project, you will be able to regularly engage your audience with all of the work that has been done. You will gain more subscribers, more traffic, and more revenue, allowing you to expand your eCommerce. We will ensure that we complete your project with properly optimized email marketing that will continue to help you grow.

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Our Ecommerce Email Marketing Agency Includes

agile procedure

List Building
& Data Management

Our Experts team will create unique enrollment forms and website popups with custom flow optimization assembled. We use Facebook impassioned audiences to provide the greatest match backlists. In addition, we support independent clients in up to 30 different email campaigns per month.


& Segmentation

We can accurately target your potential and current customers with appropriate promotional offers by segmenting and personalizing audiences based on geographic area, gender, age, and website and shopping behavior. To maximize email income, we also identify short-, medium-, and long-term re-engagement audiences.

email marketing agency

Custom Email
Template Designs

Our graphic team effects stunningly branded email templates that are custom-designed for top conversion. Our team has decades of experience designing and delivering email templates that enhance income and brand affinity directly. To create the most useful email campaigns, we always optimize your email designs.

e-commerce email marketing service

Email Flows
on Automation

We tested and refined the most effective automation flows for increasing e-commerce revenue. We deploy welcome emails for new clients, which can also greatly enhance repeat customer conversion. Did you realize that 7 out of 10 shopping carts are abandoned? Imagine if you could just get 2% of those clients.

email marketing

Email Workflows

We have tested and developed the finest automation flows for raising e-commerce revenue. We employ welcome emails for new customers, which can also greatly enhance your conversion rate for regular customers. Did you realize that seven out of every 10 shopping carts are left? Consider capturing even 2% of those clients.

email marketing agency

Email Optimization
& Reporting

Continuously optimizing your email campaigns and flows provides the best developments. We emphasize your accomplishments through uncomplicated reporting and clear measurements. We dissect the data and investigate monthly trends to competently determine our future approach.

More Sales With eCommerce Email Marketing Agency in India

email marketing agency

eCommerce Email

It takes time and experience to design and prepare your eCommerce emails. Give us the task, and we’ll expertly manage everything from Content and checklists to automation and deployment with no difficulty.

keyword tracking


Newsletters are successful for nurturing readers and bringing them toward conversion – but only when they are properly designed and implemented. Hire us, and we will design the best newsletters for your company.

email layout design

Email Consultancy

Whether your emails are being trashed and spammed, or you require good writing, we have you covered. Consult with us if there is a gap in your email campaign, and we will provide you with the appropriate alternatives to adopt.

What Makes Our Ecommerce Email Marketing Services Unique?

conversion rate

Email Opt-In
and Popup Forms

A popup form is one of the most useful ways to collect contact info. These are often activated at two points: when a guest initially visits a site and when a visitor is about to depart a page. The most vital aspect of an opt-in pop-up is to feed value to the visitor. This is usually in the form of a tempting deal on purchases, but you can also give downloaded wallpapers, free apps, or anything else that fits your firm and its effect offerings. According to studies, ecommerce sites that use opt-in popups can see subscription rates as high.


Email Sequence

Once you have a contact’s email address, you can get in touch with them. We’ll create a five- to ten-email automatic welcome sequence that highlights various facets of your company and its offerings. the background of your business. Explain to the reader how your company came to be and what challenges you hoped to answer. Introduce yourself and your team members. Do you bring a pet to work? Send a picture! Use social evidence, such as testimonials or review pull quotes, to show the value you have provided to previous clients.


Cart Emails

A large proportion of customers who add an item to their shopping basket never check out. Perhaps they became sidetracked, or perhaps they were simply not prepared to pull the trigger. In any case, this is a vast stream of potential cash waiting to be tapped, and abandoned cart emails are a great place to start. As part of our ecommerce email marketing services, we’ll employ email marketing automation to generate a series of abandoned cart emails aimed to persuade consumers to complete their purchases.

conversion rate


We’ve all heard the expression “out of sight, out of mind.” If your contacts don’t hear from you on a regular basis, they may forget your brand exists! On the other side, if they hear from you too frequently, they will tune you out or perhaps unsubscribe. The monthly or bimonthly newsletter is a fantastic happy medium.

aso service for enterprise

Email Blasts

If you’re anything like us, you get these emails around holidays and other occasions on a regular basis. Summer discounts for July 4, winter holiday deals, grab your swimwear for Memorial Day, don’t forget to order flowers for Mother’s Day, and the list goes on. Brands send these emails for one simple reason: they work!


A/B Testing
and Optimization

As an ecommerce email marketing business, we’ve assisted multiple clients, but we’re always seeking to improve. We will constantly test to ensure that the emails we send to your firm are optimal. We’ll test with different subject lines based on open rate, and we’ll test different languages, offers, and products based on click rate.


Frequently asked questions

  • Encourage your subscribers to forward and share your emails.
  • Incorporate a link into your workers’ signatures.
  • Use social media to promote a contest.
  • On your Facebook business page, include a call to action.
  • Request feedback from visitors to your website.
  • Link to offers that collect email signups around your website.

Email marketing is essential for eCommerce Companies because it allows you to reach out to customers directly without depending on social media algorithms or search engine results. 

  • Low prices.
  • When compared to traditional marketing methods.
  • One of the most evident benefits of email marketing is its cheaper cost.
  • Reach out to a group of people that are already interested.
  • Send messages to specific people.
  • It’s simple to get started generating income.
  • Measurement is simple.
  • It’s simple to share Reach out to a worldwide audience.

E-commerce marketing is a simple way to spread out. Unlike new shop opening charges, this business does not have those expenses. Another benefit is that it allows the business owner to give special clientele co-branded websites.

Get Started With Email Marketing: 6 Steps To Getting Started

  • Make a decision on an email marketing service supplier.
  • Make a list of people to add to your email marketing list.
  • Fill up your contact information in your email marketing account.
  • Create your welcome email.
  • Make an email template that you may use again and again.
  • Write convincing messages as much as you can.

Simply described, email marketing is the practice of using email communications as part of a marketing plan to achieve certain business objectives. Emails may be used to increase revenue, improve customer engagement (via newsletters), attract new consumers, raise brand recognition, and reward client loyalty.

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