Our Meesho Account Management Services in India


  • Establishing a seller central account
  • Optimization of listings
  • Increased sales
  • Product launch with improved brand content
  • Registration and protection of trademarks
  • Listing
  • Price Suggestions
  • Manage Orders
  • Sales Boost Services
  • Manage Inventory
  • Account Health Management

WebservX offers a variety of products and services to its customers, including Meesho account management services and the maintenance of long-term relationships with the company’s clientele. The services provided by account managers to their customers and clients are listed below.

  • Contacting new clients and introducing them to the company.
  • Allow for direct engagement with customers by answering their inquiries.
  • Resolving disagreements over agreements or selling contracts.
  • Serving as a customer advisor by providing crucial information and keeping it readily available.
  • Determine industry trends that the organization can exploit to improve customer happiness.
  • Resolve client issues as soon as possible and avoid issue escalation.
  • Develop ways to suit the needs of your customers.
  • Demonstrate in-depth understanding of the company’s products or services.
  • Improve performance measurement.

How Did Our Meesho Account Management Services in India Works?

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Product Listing On Meesho

List Products on Meesho

Our Meesho account management services in India will assist you with listing your products on Meesho. As they gain popularity, we give them priority space to ensure maximum visibility.

process two
After Listing You Start Receiving Order

Start Receiving Orders

You will begin receiving orders as soon as your products become live on the app and our Resellers share them with their WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram friends.

process six
Through Logistic Partner you get Fast Pickup

Delivery Handled by Meesho

Through our logistics partners, we provide rapid and convenient pick-up and delivery across India! All you have to do is pack the merchandise, and we will take care of the rest.

process eight
Start Earning From Meesho

Receive Earnings

Payments are sent directly into your bank account within a few days of the orders being shipped.

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Meesho can benefit of Account Management Services in India, including:


Setting up Seller
Account on Meesho

The first step is to sign up for a Meesho Seller Account. A seller must meet a number of standards in order to open an account.



It is vital to register your brand on Meesho because it creates an identity for your products. Our advisers will provide you with all of the information you need concerning the facts and paperwork you’ll need to apply for a brand registry.


Listing Of

A first-time online seller must consider a variety of factors while offering products, including product photos, product dimensions, weight, stock, production and/or expiry dates, any substitute parts, how to use instructions, any replacement parts, pricing, and so on.

catalogue optimization


It is relatively simple to sell items online. However, creating a product catalog that creates the highest possible revenue and profit with a specific collection of products is a difficult undertaking. At WebservX, we provide services to help you establish a profitable catalog.



While selling things on Meesho, you will suffer certain charges, just like any other online eCommerce site. We offer advice on the charges that should be appropriately added to the product to compensate the expenses.

off page seo

Search Engine

You must improve the product’s organic rating in order to increase sales. This means that you must submit products in such a way that when users search for similar products on Meesho, your products appear at the top of the search results.


Frequently asked questions

Meesho is the first Indian e-commerce business to release a unified mobile app that caters to both shoppers and merchants. The goal is to help small companies in the country digitize even more.

Overall Rating, Career Opportunities, Work-Life Balance, Senior Management, Culture & Values, and Percentage Recommend to a Friend were all higher for Flipkart. Meesho received a higher score in one category: CEO Approval. Both are tied in two areas: compensation and benefits and a positive outlook for the future.

Meesho is India’s most popular online resale app. This software allows you to create your own internet company from the comfort of your own home at no upfront cost! That’s true, all you need is a smartphone and a few minutes of your day to get started.

Meesho does not have Warehouses, Inventories, or a Logistics division. However, Meesho is a platform that connects it all together to provide an experience similar to that of an e-commerce player without having to carry all of the assets.

Flipkart launched Shopsy in July, with around 250,000 resellers with a goal of onboarding 25 million by 2023. The move was perceived as a response to Meesho’s aggressive expansion into tier-II and tier-III cities.

They hit the $1 billion valuation milestone in under 5 years.

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