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How to Create Content for Social Media That Connects with Your Brand’s Audience in 2024.

Harsh Agarwal 21 Nov 2023

Social media marketing has become a cornerstone of any digital marketing strategy, and why not? There is what not to love about? 

You can connect directly with your audience on the platform they are comfortable with. You can be creative, educate and inspire your audience, and even start the conversation. 

Most importantly, you can establish your brand on social media and drive sales.

You only face difficulty when creating content that accomplishes all your goals repeatedly!

However, according to a survey, the most effective and unique content gets shared quickly. 

This happens when users enjoy your content/post so that they can share with their community to see the same image and hear the same message.

And this will help you, Of course!

With each share or engagement with your content, your reach expands or allows you to interact and inspire more other audiences who may become interested and ultimately become your loyal customers.

Quality Social Media content can be successful enough to garner shares and engage when used correctly. It can help you to take your brand to the next level by reaching customers where they spend most of their time.

Every post you create is a new opportunity to advertise your brand/business. Still, your content planning should be a healthy mix of professional and educational content or engaging posts that can attract more customers.

With a staff full of Talented Social Media Marketing Managers and Creative Content creators, we have managed to list down some of the best tips and advice to help you get there.


Before that, let’s understand.

  • What is Social Media Content Planning?

Creating Quality Social media content requires good planning. As planning is part of your overall marketing strategy, it helps you effectively to plan the type of content you need to post on the different social media platforms depending on your target audience.

Depending on the type of content and the social media platform you use, plan your captions and post copy accordingly. They help you see all the content types you’re sharing over the month, which will eventually help you plan for the future.

How to Create a Quality Social Media Content Plan.


The Quality of content you post on Social media can turn your brand famous among other content, and this impact comes when you have solid content creation planning.

Developing a social media content plan can help you save time and regularly post on social media more effectively and efficiently.

Remember that the strategy that works best for others will not work for you, as your strategy will always differ depending on Industry, competitor, audience, and performance over time.

There are specific ways to build a long-term brand and business growth strategy. In this article, you’ll learn how to create a content strategy for your social media that is appropriate for all Industries.


Here are 7 tips to create a quality social media content plan:


  • Learn about your audience:



learn about your audience



Studying your audience is very important, it can help you decide what type of content and post will perform best. It can also help you choose the right social media platform to use. 

Not all businesses will get the same success on all the platforms. For example, B2B companies and businesses tend to perform well on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, while E-Commerce Businesses and Brands perform well on Instagram and Facebook.

The things you should identify about your targeted audience are:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interest
  • Geographical locations

Learning about your audience can help you develop buyer personas and allow you to build an interesting content plan that will eventually increase audience engagement.


  • Set Goals:



set goals



All the businesses and marketer initiatives need a goal to help and measure the performance of the campaign. A few goals you can have for your social media marketing strategy include:

  • Website Traffic
  • Sales and Lead Generation
  • Customer Engagement
  • Brand Awareness


  • Perform Competitive analysis:



competitors analysis



You need to perform a competitive analysis if your competitors are already successful on social media platforms; check their profiles to see what type of content they post and whether they are performing well. 

After all, you have a targeted audience, so the type of post that does well for them will likely perform well for you. But always try to create a unique and better version of your content. 

Remember, never steal the design or copy from your competitors.


  • Analyze and Collect Content Ideas:



content idea



A brand can probably have a few pieces of content ready for marketing purposes. Grab all of your content and see what you can reuse for your social media platforms. 

For example: If you have a blog on your website that is more engaging, you can post on social media to increase website traffic and brand awareness. 

You can repurpose different types of content by making it new and unique out of the old ones. The blog can easily be converted into infographics and short-form or long-form videos.


  • Create a Content Plan:



create content plan



It is the real truth that you don’t have enough content to reuse for your daily posts, so you must have a Content creation plan. 

You don’t have to be a skilled designer to create beautiful content/posts. You can use Content Creation Tools available in the market that allows you to create unique content without hiring designers. This tool has multiple features and ready-made templates to choose from for different platforms.

Always set aside the time every month to create content for the next month so that you are reassured in case you have to run out. But remember that you create User-generated content (UGC). You can also utilize your followers and customers to create content for you.


  • Create a Calendar:



create calendar



Creating a content calendar can help you plan your social media to manage the monthly posting ahead of time, which eventually helps you save time. 

If you plan to post on social media daily, consider using content management tools, as that will allow you to schedule all your posts on all different social media platforms from one single platform.

This tool also allows you to manage and track the effective performance of the customer and also allows you to keep an eye on different aspects of your marketing campaign to help you make improvements in real-time.


  • Evaluate content plan:



evaluate content plan



After scheduling your post, don’t forget about the posts. Re-evaluate all your posts regularly to help you determine the issues and the posts that are performing well and get the most engagement among your target audience.

Your findings may surprise you, so find the correct way to track your posts, likes, comments, and web traffic to ensure you’re utilizing the most effective content in your social media content plan.

9 Tips to Drive Results On Social Media


You might be thinking that creating content for social media is easy, but continuously generating content for new posts can be difficult at some point. 

Social media has become a significant part of daily routine for many people. So, it’s become essential for marketers and business owners to prioritize their content and Social Media Marketing Strategy.

It’s very important to stay different from the crowd on social media, but that’s not easier. 

Businesses can access millions of potential customers and actively engage with their sites with the correct Content marketing strategy. Here are some tips you can use in your content strategy that will help you to engage your audience:


  • More videos, Less text:



more videos less text



Have you ever stopped to scroll through to read a massive wall of text? Probably not, even if you like the account.

And if you do, I’m sure you will usually lose interest and continue to scroll, or you’ll probably think, “Get to the point.”

So, if you use text in your content, make it clear and straightforward. If you’re Marketing Your Brand on a Social Media Platform, make it a rule to add an image or video to each and every post, as it is more engaging and attracts a new audience.

Get the best creative for your business and brand. This way you can make your post trend. 


  •   Get your Visuals:



get your visuals



If you use stock visuals or images in your social media post, it’s time to stop. Why? 

Because they are very easy to find on other social media handles, Right? And well, stock images don’t perform as well as authentic images, and they’re not even good for your Business’s SEO.

Here are tips for creating unique social media images:

  • Hire a local photographer to click photos that match your calendar.
  • If you’re new and starting, you can take pictures of your products with a high-spec lens smartphone and with some simple props.
  • Ensure your image matches the text around. The image should summarize the concept and drive the main point, not simply break the text.


  • Share customer reviews and testimonials:



share reviews and testimonials



If you’re about to buy any product and want to know more about that product first, what will you do? You do search for more information.

When you search for more information, who do you trust? A salesperson who is selling the product or an honest review from the customers?

According to Serve, 77% of customers say that they trust reviews, and 67% say that customer reviews impact the purchase decision. So, honest and descriptive reviews matter the most to businesses.

So you can say that reviews from happy customers are the most powerful magnets. Highlighting the reviews from happy and satisfied customers about your product and services is a great way to show that customers trust and love your brand.

Pick the best testimonials and reviews and craft them into bit-readable text and catchy captions to accompany them.


  • Post for The New Visual Trends:



visual trends



You do post tons of visuals on social media, but before doing this, first, you need to know which visuals work best and which don’t.

Crawl visual trends on social media platforms and Google search results to find the best. You can also look at your social media analytics and insights to see what performed best over the last couple of months.


  • Host Competitions and Meet-ups:



host competition



One of the fastest ways to grow your brand/business audience and gain tons of engagement is through social media competitions.

There are three ways that work:

  • Like, comment, and share to join. Make your users like your post and share it with friends to enter your competition.
  • Tag a friend. The more friends your audience tags, the more entries they tag.
  • User-generated content. Make your users create the posts according to your content theme and tag your business handle to join.



  • Add Social media Icons to your Email Newsletters:



social media icons to newsletters



Social Media and Email are both competing for marketing channels. Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing work hand-in-hand; adding social media buttons to your email newsletters is a great way to use them together.

This works very well because everyone is merely scanning all the emails, and CTA buttons should stand out from the text in an attractive and eye-catching way. 

Before sending those email newsletters, add social media buttons below so readers can check out what you’re doing on their favorite platform.


  • Use the Right Hashtags:



use hashtags



Getting the right Hashtags for your social media post has been very tricky. But when marketers use them wisely, hashtags can put your content in front of a larger audience.

But remember, all the hashtags don’t work equally well for all the social media platforms. Follow this guide on how many hashtags you need to use for different social media platforms.

  • Use one or two hashtags for Twitter
  • Use 1-3 hashtags for Facebook
  • Use 5-30 hashtags for Instagram
  • Use 2-5 hashtags for Pinterest



  • Spark up with stories and reels:



use stories and reels



It is essential to take the time to post reels and stories for updates and to Improve engagement on Facebook and Instagram as they are more fun and inspiring to watch.

Reels provide the opportunity to generate 70% more engagement than other videos. With the rise of daily active users, people are more likely to engage with short-form video content consistently.


  • Engage with Industry News:



engage with industry news



This is one of the ways to connect with your audience: respond quickly to the current events of an Industry your audience is most interested in.

Leadership thoughts and content can help with SEO and build stronger authority for your brand.

So whether it is Industry news that you have an opinion on or want to share some insight you are confident and want to share, use it as a social media strategy.


Final Thoughts

As you know, social media has been one of the most powerful tools for driving results with creativity and efforts to deliver quality content that will drive wider traffic to your website and increase brand awareness.

Start building your social media presence by using each platform’s features to use these different content types together.